My name is Kevin Blundell.  My internet name is Slider1313.

On earth, for this lifetime, I am a father and a school teacher and a musician.  I live in Canada.  For most of my life I was a professional musician.  I had a recording contract in the 1990’s with MCA out of NYC and was the singer/songwriter of a hard rock band. I am a light worker and awoke not long ago in February of 2012.

After waking to hidden earth truths I decided to create a youtube video entitled “2012: the fall of the cabal” wherein I list many links to videos and websites that I researched when educating myself during my awakening.  The links include information about the cabal, the illuminati, Drake, Wilcock, Icke, Fulford and much more.

My mission is to bring light and truth to to the people of the earth.  I love you all.  I have always known that there was something not quite right on the earth and I am grateful that I am now part of a movement to bring peace and love to the earth.  I am here to help.  That is my mission, my purpose.  I have promised Gaia that I will not abandon her.  I will stay on the earth until she is fully and completely healed, however long that may take.  I will not abandon her, I love her.

There is great love in the universe.  We have lost our way on the earth and have been manipulated by those who seek power and control over us.  Many believe that we are all individuals, but we are not, we are One.  We come from the same source, God.  But we have been taught that we are individuals, separate from each other.  This shall not be allowed to continue.

When you can look into the eyes of someone and recognize that you are looking into your own eyes you will understand that to hurt that person means that you are only hurting yourself, because we are all One.  When one suffers, all suffer.  This is truth.

We have learned much in duality but the time of duality is coming to an end now.  It is time to move on to other experiences of higher vibration.  I have learned much in duality and I recognize that I have learned much from the darkness, but the time has come to heal.  The time has come to love one another, to put an end to wars and corruption. And so it shall be.  This is God’s will.  Duality will not be allowed to continue.

With much love for you all


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  1. I must admit to be a truth-seeker of sorts myself. Your story on the holocaust intrigued me to such an extend that it kept me from doing other, quite necessary work! I admire your honesty, and anticipated skepticism from readers.

    Just a point of slight unease/concern –> What is your association with one-evil.org and one-heaven.org? I must say that especially the “new-age” one-heaven.org, and the “Source of Facts and Important Announcement” on one-evil.org… kind-of seriously discredits you, and the sanity surrounding your articles. (no offence…just a true and honest observation)

    That said…I do objectively read your articles, and until further research, from my side, has proven differently – I believe it!-

    You can contact me on the mail address provided, if you wish to do so (don’t think much about the newly opened address:)


    • I have no association with the sites that you mentioned here…I will take a look at them however, thanks. Objective reading is best always. Admittedly, some of the articles that I post I am also skeptical about…others I feel are absolute truth. The one that you are commenting on is intriguing but I have not found evidence to support or deny it’s truth. But I have heard a great deal of chatter, from whistleblowers that support the notion that the nazis did indeed know of ufo’s and were using the technology. Van Braun told close friends about that truth…which is compelling.

    • yes it is my music and no it is not on a cd….did you try and download it? you can get both the mp3 and .wav versions of it at the download page…you get both when you purchase just once

  2. Hi there I’m also awoken albeit still struggling with my ego in terms of negative thoughts and a frustration with those still asleep – I realised that I wanted to think myself superior and to be honest I still catch myself with those kind of thoughts and feelings and it does take effort, to exist on a higher vibration yet my compassion and empathy for animals has no boundaries. My question for you is, I’m not comfortable with being all one with everyone – even those who are cruel to animals? I want nothing to do with them! And I resist the idea of merging into one amorphous consciousness! I want to be just me! I want to be separate .. What are your thoughts?

    • We are all ONE. There is no way around that. We all come from God, yes? God is source. We are God sparks; each and every one of us. 3D was created so that individual God sparks could experience many different experiences, so that God, source, could experience. When we experience, God experiences. God is us. We are God. Every single soul on earth experiences life differently. Some are mean, poor, cruel, rich, peaceful, loving, you name it. The thing is, in order to heal the earth, stop war and destruction and cruelty to animals for example, we all have to realize that we are all ONE. Even the animals, the earth, the trees, all of this world come from Source and therefore are part of us. If you can look into the eyes of your neighbour and know that he/she is really you…you will never harm anyone ever again. This goes the same for animals and every other aspect of the world. Do we not harm the earth when we mine it for oil? I would argue that we do. The earth is alive, like you. Do you understand?

      Forgiveness is paramount. Forgive those who have harmed you and forgive yourself for the harm that you have done others. We are born on this planet and a viel is dropped…we forget who we are and where we came from…we are individualized…this is done so that source can experience. And, many have argued that this is done so that each soul can learn from each experience. Make a mistake and learn from it. Help someone and learn from it. But we are living in a time of remembering now. It is time to remember that we are all ONE. It is time to heal all aspects of our world and reality. Things are out of balance.

      It is time for souls can still experience this reality as individuals from a perspective of love not hate, war, poverty and fear. Life on earth does not have to be so negative.
      Learn to let go of anger, hate, despair, fear, judgment and all other aspects of negativity, as much as you can. Negative energy creates negative reality.

      Love all aspects of God. Forgive. Live in the light of love and positive emotion. Your positive feelings will go out into the world and help to heal the earth and all aspects of this reality. Do not judge anyone. There are so many who are lost and searching, who have been damaged and live in pain. There are those who inflict pain. BE the love that they need. Forgive and love everyone including those who hurt you, because, WE are ONE. This in not religion. This is TRUTH. ~ Slider1313

      • The situation or understanding described above is exactly what my recent experiences have revealed to me. Judging others is simply judging oneself. When life shows you this truth, it is much easier to discover the areas of one’s own character that is in need of reflection and reparative actions. Judging reveals your insecurities. Acceptance of all who are, no matter thier heinous or fantastic behaviour, no matter the influence thier actions had on your well being or others’ experiences, is a VERY controversial topic of discussion, especially in the company of others who have a strong but shallow understanding of human rights and our relationship with the rest of existence…..

  3. slider1313, I am American and have come to some of the same realizations that you speak about. I would love to be able to communicate with you i lived in London for 2 years and am retired military. truth is an enemy will continue to be your enemy until you kill them, apparently the british monarch has decided to be my enemy. I have a very interesting story.

  4. Hi Slider 1313,

    I’m publishing an Uberly Informative post about Terrorism soon, that I think you’d really be interested in.

    Would love to get your quick feedback on it… mind if I send you the link?

  5. Hi

    I have a thing I do sometimes, a Dr used these words to heal his patients with mental health problems. I use it to forgive myself and to forgive others:

    I Love You
    I’m Sorry
    Please Forgive Me
    Thank You

    For me it brings great peace.

    Thank you for the work you have done bringing all this information together in one place.

    I think the movie the Avatar is total truth, we are all one with the earth and all that dwell in and on it. The movie shows the magic of who we truly are, and the battle we are having with those who are trying to destroy us. In the movie we win, and I believe this is what will happen on our earthly world too, the light of truth will shine forth and wipe out the darkness.


  6. WOW I am so excited that I came across your information I’ll be excited to stay in touch with you my name is Cristina and I have been enlightened as well. It’s late right now and I need sleep and rest but I definitely will explore more as I meditate every day three times a day to some soffit Geo that enhances my life. Actually I just finished listening to some healing vibrations and I’m now about to sleep to the hz of 285 as I do most nights.

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