Slider1313 – A Few Words of Truth


Hi everyone!  I started this blog back in 2012.  A couple of years ago I got rather busy in an area of work that kept me away from blogging, but I am making an effort to post articles on my blog again now.

My work – I am a working with the Keshe Foundation.  I discovered the Foundation back in 2012.  Like many of you, I awoke to a reality on our planet that was rather terrifying.  Back in 2012 I discovered many truths about who is controlling our planet, government corruption, the truth about UFO’s and visitors to our planet etc.  I was left with the feeling that I had to do something to make our world a better place and I had to do something, find a way to help to educate people to truths that were being kept from them.

This is why I started this blog.  I started posted articles that I thought would help all of you learn about things that were going on here on earth.  Many of the articles that I posted were things that I discovered during my awakening.  Many of the articles are not necessarily truth, they are interesting but I would argue now, in hind sight, that some are not truth, but they were part of my research.

However, many of the articles are truth.  Government corruption for example and the fact that the Rothschild’s and Royals and illuminati and masons are all working together to control humanity, depopulate the globe and are only interested in money and power and control over us.  They are Luciferians.

So, the good fight continues and after all the research I did back in 2012 I decided to focus my energy in one area.  I thought that free energy would be the place that I could be of most use.  If we can get humanity off of dependence on slavery systems, like energy that is controlled by the corrupt, people will not be so dependent upon those slavery systems.. it is a way to start freeing humanity.

This is why I decided to start working with the Keshe Foundation.  The technology that the foundation was tooting looked very promising and after I was exposed to it and started using it, I was convinced.

Plasma technology can and does treat cancers and many other ailments.  I am working with people who are curing breast cancers and that is not a lie.

So I am knee-deep in working with the Foundation and I encourage you all to message me if you want to learn more about it.  It is going to change our world in a very big way very soon.  Factories will open all over the globe soon and people all over the globe will see the truth of plasma technology.  The transformation that it will bring will erode the power structure of those who rule the world to the detriment of humanity.

That is all for now everyone.  I will make a point of posting articles here that are more current and that will help you all, hopefully, see the light and truth of what we are all living with here on earth presently.  I might remove a few of the older articles that I feel are not relevant.

All the best to you!