Historical Truths Revealed – The Holocaust

The Holocaust– the mass sacrifice of over eighteen million innocent Protestants, Orthodox Christians, ethnic Jews and minority groups by burning them alive in ovens in Poland and Russia less than seventy years ago by Catholic dictators Adolf Hitler S.J. and Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. represents the largest and most expensive act of mass human sacrifice in history.
So vast were the military and logistical resources ordered to be deployed to this “Great Inquisition” from Rome from 1939 to 1945 that it played a major part to the eventual downfall of the Nazi Third Reich. The effort to efficiently sacrifice the largest number of non-Catholics in 24 x 7 purpose-built ovens [24 hours a day, 7 days a week] was a massive logistical effort- not the least of which required the complete genealogy analysis of most of Europe.
If not for the genius of fledgling American technology companies such as Innovative Business Machines, who created the first computers for the task of confirming who were to be saved and who were to be slaughtered, if not for the hundreds of millions of dollars in research by pharmacetical companies into advance nerve agents to render people unconscious in “gas” chambers for easy transport to the ovens, then the plan would have been impossible.
But most of all, if not for the willing and complicit support by Allied leaders not to interfere with the Vatican project, the Nazis managed to kill more innocent people by fire in 1944 and 1945 than all the other years combined.
All photos of the camps taken by the allies since early 1940 were classified at the highest level of secrecy. Clear and unmistakable evidence since World War II has emerged that the allied command even went to the extraordinary length of tracking logistical movements and likely process rates of victims by tracking rail movements to the sacrifice camps. In the end, they permitted not one single bomb to be dropped on the Vatican Nazi Death camps.
At the end of the war, the first thing that the Allies did under Eisenhower was pull down all the statues of Mother Mary (to whom the camps were dedicated) outside the hundreds of death camps. Many of the oven blocks—ahead of any other buildings—were quickly dismantled and destroyed in many camps. Some camps, such as the only human sacrifice camp dedicated to burning children (Lodz) was virtually wiped from history.
By the time the time the Nuremberg Trials started (secretly directed by Georgetown University Jesuit Priest Edmund Walsh), many of the key Nazis behind the Holocaust were given fake deaths, or safely transported to new countries and new identities, the total number sacrificed was set at the “acceptable” level of six million and no mention of the Roman Catholic Cult, the Roman Catholic statues at the camps , nor the Occult was ever officially mentioned at the trials of hundreds of guards and officers.
“We did not know”, became the official line of denial fed to the public of the winning side. Even evidence was conveniently “found” calling it the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” in a former Gestapo Headquarters. The window of sacrifice was cut short from 1939 to 1945 to just three years (1943-1945) to minimize the complicity of Allied leaders. Yet of all the terrible and criminal lies created by the CFR-led American military and RIIA-led British military it was the argument that people were gassed to death because it was “cheaper” that remains the final and lasting insult to some of the darkest days of human history.
Twenty million people could have been murdered the same as many other dictators had done throughout in history, simply by mass murder and burial or the bodies disposed by creating great pits as was done during the plagues of Europe hundreds of years before which killed ten times more people.
Yet the evil charade, that the Holocaust was merely a hatefully racist, expedient, Nazi system of “cost saving” extermination, remains the accepted view—an absurdity that defies all the evidence to the contrary. That the main architects of this terrible period remain protected to this day is a mockery to the memory of every single Jew, every Russian Orthodox, every Greek Orthodox, every Protestant, every Baptist and every person sacrificed in the ovens.
It is to these souls that we deserve to show better. It is to their memory and peace that this brief article will explore the truth behind the Holocaust- who was really behind it, why? and why justice is still yet to shine upon these millions of victims.
A Dramatically Different History to What You Were Taught
For many readers, just the introduction to this article will be grave cause for concern. First, for many, the fact of the complete and total involvement of the Catholic Church from the highest levels in the sacrifice of millions of innocent people may sound preposterous. For others, the claim that Stalin and even Heinrich Himmler were Jesuit priests will sound farfetched.
Yet at stake is not merely the question of “who was really behind the Holocaust? And why?”, but the need to clearly state the truth that three times more people died in the human sacrifice camps than what they told you- and that the same people that did this have never been punished and have even greater resources and power today than they did seventy years ago.
Many a good Holocaust historian and researcher has known, as they have reviewed what evidence remains, that great and deliberate gaps in our knowledge exist. These honest men and women of academia know in their hearts and in their fine minds that what the Allies said after the war about “not knowing” was just a big lie covering up something else.
For the sake of future generations it is time to set the record straight- it is time to tell the truth who was really behind it and why. I therefore urge you and everyone who starts to read this article to finish it before making your final conclusions.
1930’s Europe
The seeds from which the idea for the greatest human sacrifice of innocent lives originated is first to be found in the changing political fortunes of the Roman Catholic Church in Europe following World War I.
World War I marked a watershed for the Vatican. The destruction of the Austria-Hungary Empire thanks to the war finally freed the Popes—after nearly five hundred years—from treaties that permitted the royal houses descended from the Holy Roman Emperors to directly intervene in Papal elections. The destruction of Germany and French noble influence was “sweet revenge” in response to their pursuit of enlightened policies of secularism in the years leading to the “Great War”.
For the first time in five centuries, the Catholic Church now found itself free to pursue its own course, without fearing the influence of the royal families—with one exception—Germany. Once the German royal family was destroyed- the church would be completely free.
However, its immediate enemy remained the strong movement for major social reform- the end to corrupt capitalism, the promotion of science, education and fair social values—a world that if ever implemented was one in which the Roman Catholic Church would not exist.
It was Achille Ratti (Pope Pius XI) who devised a new counter strategy against “modernism” through his Papal Bull Ubi Arcano (December 1922) to encourage, promote and hand pick Catholic men and women who would pursue the best interests of the Church in their respective societies without becoming priests and nuns.
The effect of the policies, plans and edicts of Pope Pius XI were to effectively make the immense Catholic apparatus throughout the world- one giant political party – one which could easily defeat any candidate, president, prime minister – one which could also elect its own leaders with absolute allegiance to Rome.
Consider this fact- what politician running for office in a Christian nation today would be foolish enough to upset the Roman Catholic Church? Yet less than 100 years ago, many industrialized nations expelled the Jesuits (yet again) and considered Vatican the epicenter of evil.
By 1919, a key protégé of Pope Pius, Eugenio Pacelli, had already selected a suitable candidate for the church in Germany —a young fiercely Catholic intelligence officer named Adolf Hitlerwho Pacelli meet at least once a week during the early years in Munich as both Hitler’s patron and financier as well as his controller.
By 1933, the Catholic Church had succeeded beyond its wildest dreams with loyal Roman Catholic Dictators now controlling Italy, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Russia (Fr Stalin S.J.) and key nations in South America. It was probably this year—the Vatican and Jesuits holding the greatest power in its hands for over six hundred years— that the “Final Solution” was hatched between Cardinal PacelliCount Fr. Wlodimir Ledochowski (Jesuit Superior General) and a handful of hardliners of the Curia, including Munich Archbishop, Michael Cardinal von Faulhaber.
Building the environment of hatred, racism against minorities
Until the 1930’s the United States Government was still “technically” at diplomatic war with the Vatican on account of the Jesuit-led assassination of Abraham Lincoln seventy years prior. But upon the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as President, the Catholic Church found a strong ally and kindred spirit.
Thanks to the work of Georgetown University Jesuit Fr. Edmund Walsh S.J.—arguably one of the most powerful Americans of the 20th Century—FDR and Wall St. backed Hitler and Catholic Dictators as “good for business”. Hundreds of millions of dollars began to be invested into rebuilding the German economy.
With America now firmly a Vatican ally for the first time in history, this left only the United Kingdom and a handful of European governments and minorities as any threat left to Rome when in fact, the Jesuit Order had controlled the English monarchy, Parliament and Intelligence services since no later than the reign of King George III.
Count Wlodimir Ledochowski S.J. then unleashed a stream of literature and propaganda against minority groups, especially the Jews including the infamous The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion—a document that if simply re-edited to replace the word “Jew” with “Jesuit” is a chillingly accurate blueprint for what Roman Catholic Dictators were ordered to do.
Within one generation, the world had turned from philosophical discussions concerning secularism and why “God is dead” to serious discussions on Eugenics, racial purity and how to deal with dangerous “anti-social” minorities.
By 1937, the anti-semitic, anti-minority hatred orchestrated by Fr. Ledochowski S.J. and his Jesuit army had become so pervasive that most Catholic Dictators were comfortable with the idea that the public would not erupt in rebellion if minorities were to be “safely” removed from society.
However, a powerful new enemy appeared at the same time against the propaganda of the Jesuits spurning hatred and fear—Pope Pius XI himself. The Pope had become a fervent critic of the hatefully racist policies now being carried out by Roman Catholic Dictators thanks to Fr. Ledochowski S.J. and the hardliners.
The final straw came in 1939, when the Pope planned to issue a Papal Bull effectively making it a grave sin for any Catholic to act against another human being based on their creed, skin colour or political beliefs. The Jesuit superior general intercepted the Bull before it could be promulgated as new church law and a few days the Pope was dead, another victim of the Company’s “poison cup.”
A few weeks later, Pacelli was made Pope. A few months later the Jesuit-controlled, Roman Catholic dictators started World War II.
The Final Solution of Pope Pius XII
With the world now at war at the end of 1939, Roman Catholic Dictators had the perfect conditions with which to implement the “ethnic cleansing” programs on an unprecedented scale.
As proof to the premeditated evil of the team of Pope Pius XII and Ledochowski had already forced Hitler to accept the appointment of then 29 year old rank outsider Fr. Heinrich Himmler S.J. as head of the Schutzstaffel (Nazi SS) in 1929. Pacelli and Ledochowski helped protect and guide Himmler so by the outbreak of World War II, he commanded a force of millions from regular police across Germany to specialist scientists and interrogators – ready to spring into action.
Contrary to the propaganda written up by Knight of Malta Dwight D. Eisenhower [New York Archbishop Francis Spellman’s great Allied “Crusader”] and others after the war, 1939 marks the beginning of the implementation of the “Final Solution” designed, planned and directed by Pope Pius XII and the Jesuits.
The plan was simple – convince Roman Catholic Dictators to transport the unwanted to “labour camps” where they would be put to use and then later “dispatched”, i.e., murdered, discretely using the trusted services of a dedicated “untouchable” unit of the SS. Almost certainly no mention of live human sacrifice, nor satanic rituals would have ever been mentioned to anyone by senior Vatican and Jesuit circles nor by the loyal troop of the SSunder the command of Fr. Himmler S.J.
Just as the cover of “labour camps” is still used to cover up the extent of the holocaust today, it is certain this kind of disinformation was fed through to the German High Command as well as Roman Catholic commands in Spain, Italy and Croatia who sent many of their citizens to the death camps.
Now with an agreement in place for Roman Catholic leaders to supply millions of poor souls, the next challenge was where to put them and to hide any obvious, strategic, occult importance.
Why Poland?
One of the obvious historic mysteries of World War II is “why did the Nazi’s choose certain locations in Poland to place the sacrifice camps?” To this question a number of traditional answers are given—most notably that Poland was an occupied country and that it was in a central location to which millions could be transported like cattle.
This is true. Roman Catholic Poland was the obvious choice for the death camps- first, because it was occupied territory free from the gaze of citizens of Germany, Italy, Spain and the rest of the world. It was also the center of unrivaled Jesuit spiritual and temporal power in Europe, including Roman Catholic Bavaria.
But there are other, more specific reasons that give flesh to the logic of the precise locations for camps and why. The first piece of the puzzle is to understand the hatred of Polish Roman Catholicism towards the satanic hardliners in the pope’s Curia and Jesuits and the personal feud of the Ledochowski family against the disgrace of their patriarch.
Count Mieczyslaw Halka Ledóchowski, uncle of Fr. Ledochowski S.J., had been Cardinal Primate of Poland from 1866 to 1886. The Polish Catholic Church has always been fiercly perochial and in 1867 Cardinal Ledóchowski finally ordered that church ceremonies were to be performed in Latin and not Polish, the forbiddance of Polish songs and that nothing be published without his authority.
These edicts enraged the local Polish clergy who—like the Irish church centuries before—sought to place the mysteries of Christianity into a local community context. The Polish Catholic clergy rebelled against Cardinal Ledochowski and successfully lobbied the Protestant Lutheran Prussian authorities, including Lutherans Prince Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm I, to imprison him, confiscate family property and forever humilate the family name. Eventually Cardinal Ledochowski was released to Rome—a broken man in disgrace.
To Count Wlodimir Ledochowski S.J., the Black Pope and most powerful Jesuit General in the history of the order since Francis Borja, Poland was a cursed place. Probably no more senior satanist within the Roman Catholic Church hated Poland more. During the tenure of his uncle as Primate, he would have been familiar of the shrines to Cybele (Sibyl) located at Warsaw and on the grounds of Czartoryska Palace at Pulawy.
These 19th Century shrines held enormous importance to the ancient satanist Papal families. Apart from the Vatican itself—as the oldest and most important temple of Cybele—and Tivoli (outside Rome), the two temples in Poland were the only other functioning temples within Europe.
Warsaw was too public a place at which to hold supremely evil satanic ceremonies to “harness” the souls of the damned—sacrificed in fire. But Czartoryska Palace at Pulawy and the magnificently architected 19th Century Cybele Temple was perfect.
When the SS began their “cleaning” campaign in earnest, the first district was the region surrounding Pulawy. Next was the precise location of the specialized human sacrifice camps.
The Satanic Pentagram of Pope Pius XII and the Black Pope
The ancient satanic families that have controlled the Vatican for centuries have known that condemned souls—cursed souls—are not at rest. The manipulation and use of this negative energy has always been at the heart of Black Magic.
Historically, Geometry and shapes of power have also played a vital part in the planning and ceremony of real satanists. No shape is considered more powerful for the harnessing of negative energy to one’s human will than the Pentagram.
To form a Pentagram of supreme evil, Pope Pius XII and the Black Pope Ledochowski would need at least five sacrifice camps- one for each point of the star. But a system with just five camps would arouse immediate suspicion as to its nature. Instead, the human sacrifice camps and their precise geographic location was deliberately masked in a seemingly random and opportunistic landscape of work camps and other death camps.
But at the heart of this complex system of detention camps, torture camps and sacrifice camps remained the Pentagram of Pope Pius and Fr. Ledochowski S.J.—the channel through which eighteen millions souls passed—damned by the satanic leadership of the Roman Catholic Church.
You can still easily plot this Pentagram for yourself today by simply calling up any map of Poland.
1. First, find Pulawy on a Map—the Palace and Temple to Cybele is located just to the South West of the town itself.
2. Now go directly up and stop just south-East of Ostrow—this is the top tip of the Pentagram and the site for Treblinka Human Sacrifice Camp.
3. Now continue to travel down South -East—past Pulawy until you find the town in Orthodox Ukraine called L’viv. Due west of this town was the Janowska Human Sacrifice Camp—frequently misrepresented as merely a labor camp.
4. Now travel west until you travel past Krakow until just above the town of Bielsko-Biala. This was the site of the massive Auschwitz Human Sacrifice Camp.
5. Now travel north until you find the town of Lodz. This was the site of the only human sacrifice camp dedicated purely to children- the Lodz Human Sacrifice Camp.
6. Finally, travel east again until you find the small town ot Wlodawa—almost on the border of the Ukraine—this was the site of the Sobibor Human Sacrifice Camp.
There is your Pentagram of Pure Evil. There is your Pentagram of death constructed to attempt to channel the greatest amount of negative energy to one location in the history of humanity.
In addition, at least three other Human Sacrifice Camps were set up along the “ley lines” of the Pentagram, including Belzec, Tomaszow Mazowiecki and Majdanek.
The final question is probably why? Why would people be so evil? The answer lies at the heart of how society has been fashioned by forces for centuries—forces that do not wish the world to progress—but people who pretend to be pious but instead plot to keep the world in misery. These forces have plotted to return the world to the pope’s feudal Dark Ages while destroying the Modern Era born out of the Protestant Reformation.
At the time, Pope Pius XII and the Black Pope of the Jesuits held supreme temporal power – thanks to the willing implementation by Fr. Heinrich Himmler S.J. and Fr. Alexander N. Poskrebyshev S.J., Soviet Lieutenant General known as the “General of the Lubyanka” (NKVD headquarters in Moscow), and Stalin’s right hand and absolute advisor inside the Kremlin.
Maybe the motive was the same as had been all other Satanist leaders of the Roman Catholic Church over the centuries—to re-establish control—to strike fear into the hearts of the enemy—to empower and rejuvenate the “Holy Mother Church” in accordance with the Jesuit Order’s wicked, Counter Reformation Council of Trent.
If these were the aims of sacrificing eighteen million innocent “heretics and liberals” in the most evil of methods, then it seems to have succeeded.
Today, the Roman Catholic Church is untouchable, all-empowered and rich. In fact the Catholic Church today has never been more powerful. So the work of Pope Pius XII and the Jesuits certainly benefited the Vatican.
No mention of the Vatican’s complete and total implication in crimes against humanity have been stricken from the public record—they are unstoppable—except for one fact—any person can connect the pieces together for themselves.
And one day, when enough people have done this, then the stain of the murder of over eighteen million human beings (dubbed “heretics and liberals” in the Council of Trent and the Fourth Vow of the Jesuit Order) in the name of the Roman Catholic Church will be impossible to hide anymore.
Read “Vatican Holocaust” Part II for even more astonishing and disturbing insights about the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil. Next>>
Many who will read or hear excerpts of the previous article about the Vatican-Jesuit Holocaust will remain unconvinced, if not horrified by the claims which its contains.
The claim that a three hundred mile (plus) wide Pentagram of supreme evil can be formed by the precise true geographic location of the worst Nazi SS Human Sacrifice Camps of WWII will strike many as the “imagination” of conspiracy writers – the same fanciful notion as those who would see religious symbols in simple pieces of toast, or clouds.
Yet the Pentagram is able to be drawn and at its precise center of power is an actual Temple dedicated to Cybele– otherwise known as InannaIshtar and Sibyl –the most ancient goddess whose most sacred site is Vatican Hill. So it is not something that can be discounted entirely.
Logic is a critical tool in the search for truth – what is mere fable and sometimes wild slander – and what makes common sense, sounds reasonable and probable. But what is even more important that a logical perspective is a respectful one.
When anyone mentions World War II and the slaughter of innocents by Roman Catholic Dictators and their allies, we are discussing an event of unprecedented evil. Therefore, uptmost care must be given to respecting their memory and surviving families. Any claim needs to be provable – unquestionably factual and not reckless, unfounded theories.
To answer any outstanding doubt concerning the complete involvement of the Roman Catholic Church through Pope Pius XII and Jesuit Superior General Wladimir Ledochowski S.J., let us examine some additional evidence concerning the Pentagram, the satanic religious nature of sacrificing over eighteen million people.
Even Satanists must have a motive
An obvious and possibly still not satisfactorily answered questions to many readers and listeners is not so much “why?” but the underlying motive of people claimed to be so wholly evil they murdered over eighteen million non-Catholics in ovens?
Like any crime, once motive can be clearly established without question, then the likely complicity in the crime narrows or disappears given remaining evidence. So unless the Satanists Pope Pius XII and Fr Ledochowski S.J. along with other hardliners had some pressing and urgent need, the motive for such wholesale slaughter seems less credible.
What then could possibly be an urgent and pressing motive for ancient Satanists to go to the extent, expense and risk of sacrificing so many people? The answer lies in the true author of the most famous prophecy of the Roman Catholic Church.
The true identity of St. Molochy
St Molochy, now frequently misspelled as St Malachy (pronounced Molochy) is regarded as the foremost prophets of the Roman Catholic Church.
St Malachy, we are told he comes from Ireland and was Bishop of Armagh (b 1094 d- 1148). Later we are told he was the first Irishman to be made a saint (by Pope Clement III on July 6, 1199). Further, his life is claimed to have been chronicled by no less than claimed contemporary Catholic priest historian Bernard of Clairvaux.
But what makes St Molochy special is not so much anything within his life, but the specific and detailed prophecy attributed to him. Commonly known as the “Prophecy of the Popes”, St Molochy was said to have received a specific detailed vision of the coming 112 Popes that would reign, beginning with Pope Celestine II (elected in 1143) and ending with the 112th Pope “Peter” who witnesses the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church.
No other prophecy in the history of the Catholic Church has been more personal to the Satanist papal families that have fought for centuries over the Throne of St Peter. No other prophecy has been more validated by its unprecedented accuracy to Popes of history and even recent events. What makes the prophecy even more interesting is that we have reached by its calculation Pope 111 or 112 – the second last or last Pope of the 800 year old prophecy.
So who really was (St) Molochy? And did he really exist? For many respectable scholars the answer is that St Molochy is much more likely a historical fiction- invented in the early 13th Century and attributed to a historic figure. The problem however, is how to explain the “supernatural” accuracy of the prophecy to date? If it was a fraud, then it would have to be the work of some dark genius.
In fact a historic figure does exist in the form of Cencio Savelli, or Pope Honorius III (1216-1227) considered the greatest black arts magician of the 13th Century. It was Honorius who invented modern (and ancient) black magic when he published the first “Grimoire” in history – the infamous “Grimoire of Honorius the Great” – the mother of all black magic books.
Unlike some modern Satanist groups that seek to worship names like Satan or the Devil, Pope Honorius wrote of Moloch – the most ancient dark god of the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Sadducees and Satanists. Moloch – the god of eternal fire and damnation – from where we get the word “Immolate” – to literally sacrifice people by fire.
In a deliberate twist, it is far more likely that the figure St Molochy is none other than Moloch himself- the manifestation of pure evil through the medium of Black Magician Pope Honoriusproviding us with the prophecy.
It explains why the prophecy remains the foremost and respected prophecy of Satanists within the Roman Catholic Church for eight hundred years. It also explains why the beginning of the 20th Century might have seen a desperate urgency by the Vatican Satanist leadership to somehow “extend” the prophecy, or at least some new insight.
From the perspective of the evil mind of a supremely powerful Vatican Satanist in World War II, controlling in their hands the lives of millions of souls – the sacrifice of a few million to get a new message from Moloch is more than enough motive to have created the Final Solution by Pope Pius XII and the Jesuits.
A matter of logic
If all that is claimed so far is true and the Vatican-Jesuit satanists created the single largest pentagram of evil in history –using the Nazi SS death camps in World War II to “channel” this negative energy –there should surely be more hard proof.
A pentagram is after all a shape that can be drawn with a wide degree of difference. What is to say one shape is true to another? It is frequently why it is the case that any mention of a “black magic” pentagram being spotted out of past evil acts is initially viewed with a high degree of skepticism.
Using logic then, let us hypothetically try to think in the minds of supremely evil men running the Catholic Church in the lead up to unleashing World War II – Is the Pentagram all there is? In a practical sense how would all the negative energy created through the sacrifice of millions somehow get to centres like Rome? The answer rests in the concept of ley lines.
Ley lines of spiritual power
It has been believed for millenia that just as the Earth possesses electro magnetic lines, that there also exist spiritual lines of energy — or “ley”lines. The same belief exists with the most ancient and powerful of Vatican and Jesuit satanists- hence the use of geometric systems of power.
Therefore, if the Pentagram is to be believed the work of Pope Pius XII, the hardline satanists of the Curia and the Jesuits- then the ley lines should be a masterpiece of evil-unrivalled in the attempt to channel negative energy, connecting all the major favoured satanic centres at the time (1930’s).
The ley lines formed by the shape of the Great Pentagram of Evil would be powerful channels of negative energy- so ideally the Jesuits would have to have wanted these channels to pass as close to each key satanic centres as possible.
Naturally, you would expect to see Berlin as well as Rome on key Ley Lines of evil energy. Similarly, if Joseph Stalin really was an evil Jesuit priest masking as a dictator, then a key Ley line of evil energy should pass very near or on Moscow.
Similarly, key Catholic centres at the time such as Zagreb (Croatia) and Bucharest (Romania) should be near ley lines and even Bordeaux – and a centre of the Catholic French Vichy State at the very least.
The only problem about such a plan to create a superhighway of evil energy feeding the network of Vatican-led satanists is such a design would require extreme geometric precision leaving a likelihood that any pentagram could be proven to exist based on the death camps that also had such ley lines of extreme power is impossible to be dismissed as a coincidence.
As it turns out, this is precisely the power and precision of the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil- the creation of a network of massive energy connecting the major satanic centres at the time of unprecedented evil.
The Great Vatican Jesuit Ley Lines of Evil
1. The “Ley Line” of evil running North-East to South-West from Treblinka Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp, south to Auschwitz Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp connects St. Petersburgthrough the outskirts of Zagreb and through the heart of Rome to the ancient ruins ofCarthage.
2. The “Ley Line” of evil running North-West through Treblinka Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp, south to Janowska Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp connects Stockholm to Bucharest toSuez (Zeus backwards)–the ancient Zion.
3. The “Ley line” of evil running West to East from Lodz Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp to Sobibor Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp connects Dublin, then Hannover to Belgorod in Russia.
4. The “Ley line” of evil running North West from Lodz Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp and down South East past the Janowska Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp connects the Shetland Islands to Odessa to Tehran.
5. Last but not least, the “Ley line” of evil running North East from Sobibor Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp south-west through Auschwitz Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp cuts through the heart of Bordeaux, ZürichMunich and connects up to Nizhny Novgorod .
If the ley lines and shape of the pentagram is even changed by one degree of latitude, or longitude, the ley lines have no meaning. It is only when the Nazi death camps that form the pentagram are placed exactly as they were historically located that the pentagram has power.
For those still unconvinced, there is yet one more piece of the puzzle- the specific and unique designs of the Human Sacrifice Camps around the Pentagram.
The strange unique architecture of each Human Sacrifice Camp
One of the lasting anomalies unique to the all the camps of the Pentagram (yet uncommon to most other pre-fabricated death and labour camps of the Nazis ), were their geometric layout – not the buildings, but the shapes formed by clusters of buildings and fences.
Many arguments have been used to explain this anomaly—the most common being that camps like Auschwitz simply “grew” into the size and shape because the Nazi’s didn’t plan on so many victims.
But a quick review of any of the general labour camps puts such answers as deliberately misleading as the Nazi SS employed ruthless and precise efficiency in virtually all of its other temporary/prefabricated structures except it seems the Human Sacrifice Camps of theHolocaust– most notably of the Pentagram.
Another excuse given is that certain camps simply had to accommodate the surrounding geography of the land. This is true for every camp built across key established infrastructure, hills and valleys. However, such excuses forget to mention that the Nazi’s chose to build the camps there – not one mile left or right which would have made their construction cheaper – in some cases the Nazi SS deliberately set up camps on difficult terrain – why?
The answer is breathtakingly simple- if you are going to sacrifice innocent people to an ancient satanic god, then the place in which this evil act is done should ideally be a “Temple”.
The massive architecture surveying projects of the SS
Anyone who has seen Indiana Jones movies knows that the Nazis were obsessed in obscure ancient Temple sites of power. The SS undertook the greatest surveying and blueprint maps of ancient Temple sites by any group since Napoleon.
The SS extensively surveyed ancient sites in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. In the movies, the SS are displayed as digging for buried symbols of power—this is deliberately misleading. The Nazis were civil engineers. Why then go to the extent of surveying ancient sites such as Baalbek the first and most important home to Moloch?
The ancient human sacrifice temples of the Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil
If Fr Himmler S.J. physically ordered his engineers to build the Human Sacrifice Camps as replicas of ancient temple sites, then in a short time, their real purpose and satanic nature would have been immediately obvious. We would be all reading now how the Nazis built Auschwitz as a floor plan replica of Baalbek – to deliberately make the camp a physical temple of sacrifice. Instead, what we read and hear is that the physical design of the camps is of no historical consequence.
Yet, consider for the moment the following comparison starting with Treblinka Vatican Human Sacrifice Temple Complex at the top of the Pentagram. Here you have a camp – not designed as a rectangle as so many have incorrectly stated – but a shape more resembling the Key Temple complex of the ancient city of Ur.
Moving south East to the next point of the Jesuit-Vatican Pentagram we come to the SobiborVatican Human Sacrifice Temple Complex, which reflected the essential design and location of key satanic temples of ancient Babylon.
Travelling further South we come to the Janowska Vatican Human Sacrifice Temple Complex which in design closely resembled the ancient Temple mount of Jerusalem during the days of the Sadducees.
Now travelling West we come to the vast Auschwitz-Birkenau Vatican Human Sacrifice Temple Complex which resembles the greatest of all ancient satanic temple complexes- the Temple of Baalbek– the home of Moloch.
Then to Lodz, we have the ghetto carved out of the city in an exact shape of the Island of Tyre– the capital of the Sarmatian/Samaritan – city state empire, falsely claimed as the Neo-Assyrian Empire. The same city run by a handful of elite priestly families over 2,600 years ago with the rest of the inhabitants tattoed in ink as slaves from birth to death- working in the slave factories of Tyre.
The camps of the Pentagram are without question designed to be spiritual replicas of the ancient temples to the satanic gods of the Vatican and the demon worshipping Sarmatian/Samaritans.
Now the obsessive and expensive surveying effort of the SS under Fr Himmler S.J. makes perfect sense. The information was used to design the layout for the “most important” of camps.
Making greater sense of the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil
Now the position of the Human Sacrifice Camps as spiritual and scale model replicas of ancient satanic Temples makes sense to their precise placement- the Pentagram, the replica Temple to be built and the terrain dictated the location of the Human Sacrifice Camps as Temples themselves.
If this information is wrong- then why the Pentagram? Why the temple of Cybele at the center? Why the perfect matches of each camp design to the most important and ancient of temples?
Let’s be clear. The Nazis built most of the their prefabricated camps like rectangular boxes. But for the particular camps mentioned, they chose locations far less optimum than others, built weird and unique designs unlike any other camp costing more time and effort- why?
There is simply too much to be dismissed as an uncanny array of coincidence. Can such a clearly satanic and religious plan be continued to be pinned to the Nazis – and they alone? Or will people finally accept the overwhelming evidence being shown to us by the millions of innocent victims of the Holocaust?
They died for a religious, not political reason. They died because of a deliberate satanic plan. They died to the gods Moloch and Cybele mostly by being burnt alive. They died because the Vatican elite in Pope Pius XII and Jesuit General Fr Ledochowski S.J. ushered in a “Holy”Inquisition against heretics and “infidels” hidden midst the horror of World War II.
Given the same people who did this deed remain “above the law”, isn’t it time we start questioning the motives of these people in making the world a better place. For the sake of the memory of all those who were sacrificed in flames, we owe them the respect to wake up to the truth.
Read “Vatican Holocaust” Part III for further proof concerning the purpose and function of the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil. Next >> 

What is the largest most powerful energy “machine” ever built? If you said the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) –the 27 Km wide (17 mi) energy particle accelerator beneath the France-Swiss border — then you would be wrong. The Nazis in collaboration with otherVatican-satanic groups built an energy machine seventy years ago more than fifteen (15) times the size of the LHC –so powerful it changed the course of history –and it is still operational today!
The machine and its energy grid — spanning from Dublin to St Petersburg and from Rome toStockholm — is not a fiction. It is a cold, hard fact “hidden” in plain sight. And if you had read the previous two articles on the Holocaust then you have glimpsed the enormous evil of this machine and the Vatican satanist hardliners and Jesuits who ordered its construction.
Many who have read the first article on the Vatican Holocaust- about the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil and the second article on the Great Vatican-Jesuit Satanic Ley Lines Systemmay still find the claims difficult to believe.
In spite of the precise placement of the Human Sacrifice Temples by the Vatican controlledNazis to create the largest system of evil ever conceived, in spite of the ley line system connecting major satanic centers and Catholic dictatorships during WWII, some may still simply not believe, or demand yet more proof.
One of the purposes of this article it to provide this to them – clearly and without embellishment so there can be no doubt who was responsible for WWII and who remains firmly in control of the world now under the modern brand – the New World Order (“NWO”).
Yet there is a second and more urgent purpose of this third article — to understand the implications of the Vatican creating the largest “energy machine” in history. For if what we have been shown is indeed a machine- designed for the purpose of channelling the enormous negative energy formed through sacrificing over 18 million people in precise locations, then technically when did this machine get “turned off”?
It is one thing for the Allies of the Vatican to tear down the death camps — the Human Sacrifice Temples and hide evidence –but a massive spiritual “energy machine” is not just about putting innocents into a perpetual state of torment, it is also about keeping them there.
At stake then is not merely the discovery of some supremely evil system which has been in force to keep certain satanic families and the Vatican led “New World Order” in power, it is the proposition that they continue to entrap tens of millions of souls in their machine – yet to find freedom.
With the greatest respect for their memory, we hope you will read this article and consider the function and nature of this machine — and how it might finally be turned off.
Ley Lines of Evil
For those that have read the previous article revealing the “Ley lines” of evil radiating from the the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil, the next obvious question is where do the Ley lines end and begin? –also is this part of a global network of pentagrams and evil ley lines?
Consistent with the Euro-centered view of world domination of Pope Pius XII and Count Ledochowski S.J. all the major terminus points of the Ley lines of evil are almost certainly European cities- the most important being Rome.
Rome is the only Terminus point within the Vatican-Jesuit machine of perpetual evil having five major connections as well as the largest force of negative energy to it (via Auschwitz Human Sacrifice Temple Complex). Only Munich (Germany) has five connections to other key ley lines of evil.
Moving in a clockwise direction from Rome, the next major Terminus points are:
Bordeaux- in France and then home of the Rothschilds- infamous international satanists and key Vatican bankers. Possibly Zurich is the intended terminus.
Dublin– an infamous center of human sacrifice and satan worship for several hundred years.
Shetland Islands – another famous location for human sacrifice through satanic ritual, particularly during the late 19th century and 20th century on account of its isolation.
Stockholm, Sweden – neither a location known as a Catholic stronghold, nor major satanic center, but the capital of a pro-Vatican government during WWII that insisted on neutrality and trade with the Nazis .
St. Petersburg, Russia – famous site for Jesuit and satanic worship by the Russian royal household for hundreds of years.
Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia – site for major human sacrifice and prisoner torture by Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. during World War II
Belgorod, Russia. This Ley Line also continues to a city known as Sapporo, Japan – a key Jesuit city from World War II and ever since.
Odesa, Ukraine. This Ley Line also continues much further south west in Ahmedabad India – a major centre of independent Jesuit control in Asia.
Bucharest, Romania.
In addition to the terminus points being major power points of satanistic energy, ley lines of evil exist between channels between major centers located on the lines. These include:
Munich, Germany – the most important center of satanism other than Rome that is not a terminus point itself. The five Ley lines coming into Munich themselves form a Pentagram of evil.
Zurich, Switzerland – very important node of satanic power.
Hannover, Germany – also a very important node of satanic power.
How the Vatican-Jesuit Machine of Perpetual Evil works
Now that we have discussed briefly the likely terminus points and major nodes of satanistic worship the next question is how in practice does the Vatican-Jesuit Machine of Perpetual Evil continue to work?
Quite simply, so long as the functioning Pentagram, ley lines and how the satanic locations are kept hidden, then this darkness, this absence of good energy protects the integrity of the negative energy system. Simply – ignorance, the kind that is growing every decade as people stop caring about the past is the insulation that evil needs to grow and thrive.
The second part is that so long as satanism continues to be practised along any of the key ley lines, then the grid remains active and 18+ million tormented souls remain trapped.
Finally, so long as the Vatican remains untouchable for its crimes against humanity, so long as they continue to curse the murdered and the living, then the system is in operation.
And so long as the perpetual machine of evil is running, then group prayer, reflection for the victims of the Holocaust can do little to free their souls, nor the souls of tens of thousands of children, young girls and innocents sacrificed since then in the satanic temples around the machine.
Finally, so long as the Roman Catholic Church has control over the massive machine for perpetuating evil and staying in power, the world has little real hope in seeing change.
Going too far
What Pope Honorius III (1216-1227) left as his legacy was not only the birth of Black Magic and the Prophecy of Moloch (St Moloch(y)), but the means by which he learnt his darkest craft. A willing pupil of the supremely evil Pope Innocent III(1198-1216), Honorius witnessed firsthand the alleged prophetic power of burning innocent human beings alive.
Hundreds of thousands of Cathars were murdered by fire by the Vatican armies. In the process, the Vatican scribes had never been busier, transcribing the last agonizing utterances of those being roasted alive in the flames.
However, Pope Honorius was the first Papal Black Magician to codify what he thought he knew and had orchestrated into a manual of the most evil black magic acts—and the supremely evil idea that midst the dying screams of an innocent victim of the flames, Moloch may actually speak through the victim (acting as a medium) to his loyal disciples.
Since the collection of Prophecy published as Moloch(y) in the 13th Century, there have been numerous other famous utterances of “supernatural” prophecy allegedly from the dying mouths of burning victims – most notably Mother Shipton. While the famous prophecy of Mother Shipton – that chillingly tells of the future four hundred years before it happened—is usually stated as coming before she was burned alive, it is much more probable these were her last words.
Another famous example of the satanic belief that Moloch may use a dying victim in the flames as a communications portal was the sadistic torture and death by burning of Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of Knights Templar. It was his final words that cursed the Pope, the Catholic Church and validated the Prophecy of Moloch(y) as being true.
Yet for all the hundreds of thousands that were sacrificed by the Vatican armies over the centuries, little meaningful prophecy has come into the hands of hardline Vatican Satanists since.The Prophecy of Moloch(y) remains unchanged and now at its end, without any clear public statement of prophecy by the Vatican of any earth shattering note.
One possibility –however strange it may seem — is that the satanic gods themselves have finally abandoned the Vatican and the Jesuits. Possibly as a result of the hubris of the Vatican satanists. What arrogance against their own gods for a Pope to claim himself a god on Earth through “Papal Infallibility”.
Possibly Moloch has abandoned the Vatican because of their supreme arrogance in building the Pentagram. Before the Vatican hardliners and Jesuits built the largest machine ever conceived, they still had to rely on the benevolence of their dark lords. But since then, all signs point to a church where the only god they worship today is themselves.
Whatever reason, it is clear that the Roman Catholic Church for the first time in its history finds itself spiritually cast out by both the forces of good and darkness- abandoned by all but itself and the ignorant. This is the price of going too far – even for the most evil of ancient demons.
What might be the future?
It is clear the current crop of unimaginative hardliners of the Vatican and Jesuits can find no other course of action than to plunge the world into recession along the precise same course that led to World War II.
Maybe they believe (in error) that another supreme sacrifice of millions to Moloch in World War III will somehow excuse their actions in continuing to use the Pentagram and Machine to enslave millions of tormented souls.
Whatever course these dull and dangerous intellects choose to take, there exists only one destiny for them to face – that this is indeed the end of the road for them.
No amount of propaganda, no amount of spin can alter the fact that forces greater than any living being is at work here. Maybe the current Vatican and Jesuit satanists believe they can get away with everything again.
Only time will tell if they are wrong and millions of entrapped souls will finally be freed from the tyranny of the Vatican.
Read “Vatican Holocaust” Part IV for further proof and connection between the Vatican-Jesuit grid of evil and the New World Order. Next >>

Most people around the world today have heard of the “New World Order” and the “Illuminati” — a secret band of mostly men who are supposed to “control” the world. So what does the New World Order, the VaticanJesuits and the largest pentagram of evil in history have to do with one another?
It is the New World Order — and no other force — that caused the recent crashes in financial markets and now the inevitable avalanche of unemployed, homeless and hungry. The plan is not new – nor is its final destination – and entirely predictable, simply by caring to read a true history of the world over the past eighty years.
At stake is not merely some argument of personal views, but our future –the future of our families, our nations and this planet. At stake is nothing less than the final outcome of World War III — a spectre of such evil this planet may never see again involving the deliberate detonation of multiple thermonuclear bombs within specific major capital cities of the world including: probably beginning in a city in the United States so named for such a “Holocaust” like Los Angeles (city of angels), Phoenix (mythical spirit, burnt in a Holocaust) and ending with Tehran.
While Terrorists will be blamed, the hand that unleashes the order will be the same — the New World Order — and the consequences of such awful disaster –the deliberate burning to death via nuclear blasts of millions of people — will cause such outrage, hatred and anger that few major cities of the Islamic world will survive.
This is not some horrible vision of armageddon as imagined by English author George Orwell (1903-1950) who in 1949 published the manifesto Nineteen Eighty-Four and the word “New World Order“. It is real. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to review the circumstances leading to this increasingly probable conclusion –who is behind the NWO? When did it first start? why? what are their weaknesses and how may they be finally revealed and defeated?
The passionate skeptics
Before introducing further clear and irrefutable proof as to the direct link between the Vatican-Jesuits and the creation of the New World Order in 1942, it is important to acknowledge the fact that after many have read Part IPart II and then Part III of the VaticanHolocaust they will remain passionate and committed skeptics.
In spite of all the proof to the contrary that Eugenio Pacelli (Pope Pius XII) was a lifelong racist and anti semite, there are those who have penned such awful untruths to claim that he was a “friend” of the Jews and that he fought in his own way against the actions of his Catholic dictators in Germany, Spain, Italy, South France, Croatia, Argentina and Russia.
There are those — in spite of the unmistakable proof that mathematics provides — that the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil is a cruel hoax– with the Nazi SS concentration camps suddenly appearing tens of miles from their original location to destroy the notion of a pentagram, including claims that some camps were merely labour camps.
Then there will be readers — for whatever motive — that dedicate themselves to whitewashing the world of any historical record of the complicity of the Roman Catholic Church in witnessing and collaborating in mass acts of evil.
Such clear evidence as declassified Top Secret WWII files that prove Pope Pius XII helped dozens of top Nazi and Catholic mass murderers to escape — they will deny. In spite of the overwhelming proof that Pope Pius XII did absolutely nothing to stop the deportation directly to death camps of over 1100 innocent Roman Jews — living in a ghetto not more than six hundred yards from his palace chambers –they will deny. In spite of the fact that hundreds of Catholic clergy are in prison for crimes against children including some directly involved in the Rwanda genocide — they will deny.
Instead, it is expected that over time, these passionate skeptics will rally and attempt in their own way to picks holes within these articles and manufacture counter evidence and/or blur the facts.
It is therefore not the intent of these articles to respond to criticisms from these “passionate skeptics” concerning the complete involvement of the Roman Catholic Church in the Holocaust of World War II as well the recent Holocausts of the New World Order — but to display some higher level of respect to the memories of so many millions of innocent people we all acknowledge have died in war and genocide.
Their story deserves to be told, as does the reasons behind it. For in acknowledging the truth concerning the real personality of the Roman Cult that controls the Catholic Church and the Jesuits, we may just help ourselves avoid the largest mass murder of all.
The Birth of the New World Order
If you asked any teenager in an industrialized nation what is the “New World Order”, they would almost certainly know what you are talking about and say something similar to “a group of people who control the world”. This being said, for the majority of the world the NWO remains largely urban myth.
For such a powerful and well known “urban myth”, it is surprising how so few ask the obvious questions – “when did the NWO first start? and who were they? and why?”
In the first instance, the brand “New World Order” only appeared publicly as a new idea with the publishing of the manifesto of George Orwell in 1949. Taking into account the time any global plans would take to be developed, if the NWO were a reality, then this brand formation could not have been first conceived any earlier than the early 1940’s.
It would be a mistake to consider applying the New World Order brand to the Jesuits and the Vatican prior to this period. Simply, there is no philosophical evidence of the brand existing prior to this date. A more appropriate title until this point for the same concept of a secret band of global controllers would be the brand called the “Illuminati”.
Like the brand and concept of “New World Order”, the brand “Illuminati” has a history dating back to Jesuit Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830) who first coined the term Illuminati in the publication of his secret Jesuit manifestos concerning secret “cells” of Jesuit priests hidden in society and how to use this apparatus to overthrow governments. He is the father of the Secret Society of Terror Model from which all successful terrorist organizations from the French revolution to the 9/11 Hijackers are based.
So how does the brand “Illuminati”, the brand “New World Order” and the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil all relate?
The Great Pentagram of Evil and the Global Grid of Control of the New World Order
The Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil is not the only Pentagram connecting to Rome. In fact, the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram has a twin that also connects to the North Pole and Rome, formed at the same time by the same people who planned out the mass murder of of millions. Its foundation stone was layed on September 11 (9/11) 1941 and is why the Twin Towers in New York were destroyed on exactly the same day. It is the Pentagon Building of Washington DC.
The Jesuit Civil War (1942-1945)
In 1941 aged 55, Count Wladimir Ledochowski — Jesuit Superior General –was at the height of his supremecy, a fit and completely driven man. His army of Jesuit influentials had similarly reached great heights in all places held by Catholic Dictators as well as the United States. So why would a civil war between factions of the Jesuits break out at such a time?
One of the great historical anomalies is the behaviour of both Adolf HitlerFr Himmler S.J.and Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. in the Nazi Russian Invasion. Contrary to spin historians, these men had not only shown ruthless pragmatism in managing power until this point, but were actively working together on a number of military and scientific fronts until the invasion.
A frequent excuse given is that fiercly Catholic Hitler had become “drunk” with power and decided to invade Russia because he hated the Russians. But Hitler was a mere soldier, compared to Fr. Himmler S.J. the new Grand Inquisitor of the Roman Catholic Church and his massive army of assassins and torturers.
Instead, it is much more certain that Jesuit Superior General Ledochowski instructed Himmler to push for the assault on the understanding this would complete a clean sweep of Catholic National Socialism over Catholic National Communism. Similarly, it is clear that Count Ledochowski said something in reverse to Fr Stalin S.J. – that this was the plan that would ultimately destroy Germany as Stalin’s behaviour against his own country and people was nothing other than treacherous.
When Hitler invaded in June 1941, Fr Stalin — against every other example of ruthless judgment to protect his own power — seemingly invited for his troops to be slaughtered and defeated by refusing his generals to fully engage, then having the generals executed and then repeating the bizarre process almost up to Moscow.
However, by the bleak Russian winter of December 1941, the jaws of the Jesuit Soviet Machine clamped down shut on the legs of the German Army. From this point on, the fate of the Nazi dream and power were sealed.
For such a loyal German Jesuit as Fr Himmler S.J. such deliberate trickery by Ledochowski would have been devastating and unforgivable. The Jesuits had shifted their power away from Germany, France and Italy to America — for the first time in the order’s history.
On December 13, 1942 (aged 56) Count Wladimir Ledochowski died suddenly –almost certainly murdered by the very best assassins of Fr. Himmler for his treachery in dooming the German-Swiss –French “Illuminati” Jesuits.
Technically this act immediately plunged the Jesuits into Civil War. Unable to convene a General Congregation until the end of the War –when all Jesuits have permission to elect their leader –Vicar General Norbert de Boyne could not be made Superior General. This left the American Jesuits, led by Fr Edmund Walsh S.J. free to pursue their agenda along with other international factions.
The German-Swiss-Italian-French Jesuits during the war headed by Fr Heinrich Himmler S.J. represented the “Illuminati” – the old guard who had been betrayed by their slain leader Fr Ledochowski S.J. The other camp representing the new guard, the “New World Order” headed by the American-Canadian Jesuits and allies along with English and even Australian Jesuits.
Midst the two warring camps of Jesuits were “neutral” provinces such as the Netherlands and Spain, still battling for its survival against the popularity of the Vatican sponsored Opus Dei Mary (Mari) Spanish Satanic devotion cult.
It is during this event, in which unprecedented number of Jesuits were killed that the plan for the New World Order was hatched by senior Jesuits such as American Fr Edmund Walsh S.J.
The plan was confirmed by the Jesuit officials that accompanied each of the world leaders of Roosevelt, Fr Stalin S.J. and Churchill to the conference at Tehran in December 1943. A location that just happens to be directly on the Lodz-Janowska “Ley line” of human sacrifice camps of the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil.
It is there we see for the first time the unveiling of the public face of the New World Order – an order of opposing “friends” and ideologies- capitalism vs communism, but all ultimately financed and directed from the same machine.
Who is in control The Illuminati? Or the New World Order?
One of the frequent debates on forums and blogs around the Internet is who is really in control? Some call them the “Illuminati” – the term first coined by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt in 1776 in direct opposition to the enlightenment movement in the colonies of the United States of America and the Declaration of Independence. Others call them the New World Order- after the manifesto of Jesuit influenced George Orwell in 1949.
It is important then to make sense of both the differences and similarities of these brands given what we have now discussed concerning the Jesuit Civil War of 1942 to 1945. What marks the war of the Jesuits is not only a power struggle between the “Old World”, the Illuminati world and the “New World Order”, but the accompanying war of ideas- that knowledge outranks blood.
The Papal and Royal bloodline families have always favoured the belief that wisdom and power is born through blood. These bloodline families can be traced between current monarchies back to the time of Charlemagne and even earlier. But at the heart of their system is the secret knowledge that these bloodlines also contain High Priest and important spiritual lines of superior heritage. It is why they claim inheritance by blood.
In contrast, the Jesuits show a devotion to knowledge and most particularly “secret” knowledge of things. They appear to worship the belief that through secret knowledge and total devotion to the cause a man may discover ultimate knowledge and power.
While both belief systems are to be found imprinted on the face of western history for centuries, there also exists a third belief and power system rarely divulged—a bloodline that carries within their veins both superior blood and hidden knowledge.
In the early centuries they were called the Desposynoi- the family of the Christ. Later we have become to know them as the stories and myths of the Da Vinci Code – that important bloodlines may exist that hold both the right of blood and knowledge that could help us. However, there is little public and credible evidence to suggest that such ancient bloodlines of spiritual wisdom continue to exist, except possibly Ireland through ancient Holly bloodlines.
The eventual truce in the civil war of the Jesuits came in the form of a compromise of power- the New World Order is in fact a very clear and precise six (6) level pyramid of power.
Jesuit Factions of the Jesuit Order
Black Pope- Jesuit Superior General
Jesuit Order and Financial, Corporate and Military Apparatus
Re-constituted Illuminati Families (under the structure of the New World Order)
Holy See (with Pope as its head)
United Nations
It would be incorrect to say that the Black Pope is the most powerful person on planet Earth. Since 1945, the role has been largely symbolic and held by a candidate from a neutral country between the main factions of the Jesuit Civil War. As such, the role has been dominated by both Dutch and Spanish candidates.
The most powerful force within the New World Order is unquestionable the Provincial Generals of the Order- the most senior factional leaders of the Jesuits who continue to hold a truce since 1945. While the Superior General can technically give absolute orders to his provincials, in practice it has been the other way around for over sixty years.
Then we come to the third layer being the Financial-Military Apparatus which few people who believe in the existence of the New World Order would argue. However, few have ever heard of the real foundation of the global financial system in the early 19th Century using Jesuit controlled gold stolen from the Vatican during the Jesuit-Papal Wars to fund an army of private banks in Europe and the United States.
Then we come to the fourth layer of the New World Order apparatus being the reconstituted “Illuminati” families from the United States, Europe and even Asia/Middle East. They have no control over the Jesuits, nor do they wish to challenge them in any way as their various positions from Royal families, occasional Presidents, Prime Ministers and global leaders is dependent upon the favourable patronage of the Jesuits.
The fifth layer of the New World Order apparatus is the Holy See. Contrary to common misinformation, the role of Pope is now of secondary importance to the legal apparatus of the Holy See –The Holy See, being the legal framework that claims Vatican superiority over all other laws of man as well as complete dominion over animals (humans being classed as animals by their laws). It is the papacy and Vatican curia that in recent years has waged and increasing PR war in revealing more and more of the New World Order apparatus against the Jesuits.
The sixth layer is the United Nations and legal apparatus which recognizes the Holy See as a legitimate state and entity, therefore its laws, therefore every national laws as subservient to the United Nations.
(Secret) Knowledge is Power
The evidence of who won the Jesuit Civil War is all around us. Universities have blossomed. Science discovery has accelerated and knowledge is universally accepted as power—the power of imagination and the era of the United States. The New World Order won the Civil War and remain firmly in control.
In terms of key satanic knowledge that relates to their power, the secret knowledge of the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil is very important knowledge, forgotten by many. So too, is the clear and unmistakable image “makeover” of evil from satan and “the devil” to Lucifer- or the spirit of Francis Borja personified as evil.
It is why Borja ordered every church to ever be built by the Jesuits in following years to be constructed under strict codes of similar design—every Jesuit church was purpose built to be a readymade temple to Lucifer — to the spirit of Francis Borja, the real founder of the Jesuits.
Similarly, human sacrifice to the satanic gods became more sophisticated, starting with the atomic bombs on Japan. No longer did the New World Order Jesuits need massive and expensive human sacrifice camps to “burn” millions of victims, one tiny bomb could do it in seconds.
One of the greatest criminal acts in history remains the executive order by President Truman to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and disgraced Jesuit city Nagasaki in 1945 after receiving not one, but several official notices of surrender from the Japanese. Thus began the “modern” age of sacrifice to the satanic gods of the Vatican and Jesuits.
St Moloch(y) and the most secret of knowledge
Of all secret knowledge in possession of the most senior of Vatican officials and senior Jesuits it is the truth and accuracy of the prophecies and final prophecy of Moloch, the demon god – hidden in plain sight as St Molochy.
Moloch, the supremely evil of all demon gods—the god of ultimate painful sacrifice – gave a clear and unmistakable last command to his faithful army on earth.
The last sacrifice demanded by Moloch is for his followers to sacrifice themselves – that is the key riddle of the prophecies of St Malachy (Moloch) – the Vatican and Jesuits Satanists are demanded by their own gods at this time to sacrifice themselves, not us.
The supremely evil last prophecy and command of Moloch is set to his timeline. One last Pope. Without a legitimate Pope holding the anointed authority of Moloch, the satanic system of power breaks down. It is why for the past one hundred years the Vatican-Jesuit Satanists have sacrificed so many people.
They are desperate to repeal this prophecy- to offer one last great sacrifice – World War III – in the hope of redemption for the Holy Mother Church of all Evil- the Roman Catholic Church. Yet to date, no direct prophecy has been revealed that represents an authentic from Moloch for over one hundred years – except some recent work regarding a “Treaty of Lucifer”. No other reference to Moloch, or Ba’al/Cybele prophecy can be found that disputes this is the end of times for the Roman Catholic Church.
The crisis of faith
It is clear by the absurdity with which satanic images are displayed today as department store items of a “pop-consumer” culture, that the ancient satanism practiced by the Vatican hierarchy and Jesuits has lost its way.
Discussions concerning the discovery of the world’s largest goat’s head ancient pentagram made from Nazi concentration camps no more surprises nor greatly motivates a modern teenager concerning the New World Order. Satanism, like Horror, Violence and Pornography have become the 21st equivalent to “mind heroin”.
Yet midst such triumphant marketing by the Vatican and Jesuit elite, their crisis of faith- the absence of any remaining satanic spiritual patronage – we find a dangerous point for the planet.
Moloch is not speaking to them. Even Lucifer, the most trusted spirit once known as Francis Borja has abandoned his beloved Jesuits. Why?
In the previous article we offered the observation that the supreme arrogance of the Roman Catholic Church, no longer having any rival power in its worship of itself as gods.
But an even deeper reason may still remain in the underlying wisdom of the last supremely evil command of Moloch to his army on Earth.
It rests with the superior concept of redemption and whether we are witnessing a final redemption or damnation. If we are witnessing a final redemption, then the Roman Catholic Church and Jesuits must sacrifice themselves based on some key prophetic text such as the Treaty of Lucifer.
But if we remain faced with cowards to their own faith, to people of dull and unimaginative intellects, then we may still be facing the ultimate damnation of World War III destruction.
Time is running out for both sides. This is the second last pope by the prophecy of Moloch.
If you are still unconvinced on the evidence presented concerning the Vatican Jesuit Holocaust, then read about the existence of the WWII Nazi Master Lists of Death and why they are now hidden beneath the VaticanNext >>

In 1945, the Allied Forces led by Gen. Eisenhower – had in their possession the single most evil artefact ever created in human history –the Nazi SS Master Holocaust List – hundreds of thousands of carefully copied and type pages listing all the name of those sacrificed in the camps. Today, the whereabouts of this supremely evil object is officially unknown. Yet what at stake is nothing less than the irrefutable proof and answer of exactly how many died in sacrifice camps in World War II and that they died for evil religious, not political motives.
Did the Holocaust really happen? 
In no other event in history was there more documentary evidence of mass murder than the German sacrifice camps of World War II –not the survivors, not the movie and still images, nor actual camps themselves, but the literally hundreds of thousands of pages of carefully typed evidence of unquestionable murder. I refer to the existence of not just one but two Master Lists of Death – one created to specifically remove people and the other upon their arrival to the sacrificial camps.
These lists accurately documented not once, but at least twice the name of each victim and ultimately where they were sacrificed. The fact that these WWII Nazi Master Lists of Death existed after 1945 and still exist today means there should not be any serious debate concerning whether the Holocaust happened or not? The lists are the ultimate evidence of the truth. So how can we bo sure that the lists ever existed?
What proof is there that the WWII Nazi Master Lists of Death existed?
The first easily found evidence today that the WWII Nazi Master Lists of Death existed is found in Holocaust memorials, museums, government document archives and the Vaticanarchives around the world that the Catholic Dictators kept meticulous lists, carefully recording the accurate name of every victim.
These were not quickly drawn handwritten consignment notes, but chronological, categorized, typed and detailed lists of people—with the specific task of being as accurate as possible. You can see them for yourself when you go to any Holocaust museum, or view the internet. Every Catholic Dictator had their death camps make lists – from the Ustashi in Croatia, the Nazis to the death squads in Argentina.
Public example of type of lists drafted by Nazi SS in human sacrifice and labour camps
The second overwhelming body of evidence of the existence of the WWII Nazi Master Lists of Death are found in the public archives of the Nuremberg War Trials.
In fact it was these hundreds of thousands of pages listing the accurate name of victims of the Catholic Dictators that were used as the key damning evidence against former soldiers and officers. This evidence was entrusted to the Americans during the Nuremberg War trials. In turn this evidence was entrusted to Fr Edmund Walsh S.J. in coordinating the American legal control over Nuremburg War Trials that then subsequently resurfaced in bundles of pages as evidence against lower ranking war criminals.
Each page of the Nazi Master List of Death effectively a perfect documented confession note saying virtually “I hereby murdered the following people…” In the end the tens of thousands of movie images and still images were all for gruesome theatre—it was these unheralded accurate list that ultimately doomed every war criminal at Nuremberg.
After the war, a number of leading Nazi Hunters and authorities used their access to parts of these lists as the basis of publishing their authoritative estimates on the number of Jews killed by Catholic Dictators. Given the overwhelming amount of documentary evidence provided, the “six million” figure has remained surprisingly popular as the believed number.
The surprising question then is why didn’t officials such as Fr. Edmund Walsh S.J. who controlled the Nazi Master Holocaust List at Nuremburg simply publish a total of the number of names on the hundreds of thousands of pages of documentary evidence back in 1945-46? Even in 1948, on the foundation of the United Nations and the declaration of the State of Israel, the authorities could have easily published an accurate number based on the documents still in their possession? So why hasn’t an accurate number ever been published? And what has happened to the Nazi Master Holocaust List ?
German Government Releases partial Nazi Holocaust List
A third major example of the existence of the Nazi Master Lists of Death came in late late 2008 when The German Government decided to release a partial list of the Nazi SSHolocaust List of some 600,000 people of various Jewish faiths who were murdered under the Nazis . The documents, showing meticulous naming of people and clearly recorded for official purposes, have been apparently sitting in various German archives since the end of World War II.
The official lists –documents not even disputed by the Holocaust deniers—are sufficiently large along with other official lists to demonstrate a clear pattern of ethnic cleansing within the Jewish community. Ashkenazi Jews were primarily targeted- ethnic Jews from Germany, Europe and Russia. Some Mizrahi Jewish families also appear on the list of death – Jews who can trace their heritage back to places as diverse as Afghanistan and North Africa. But a noticeable absence – a major statistical anomaly – is the lack of Sephardi (ancient Jewish families from Spain/Portugal/France) names.
This anomaly concerning the Sephardi Jews – the oldest Jewish families of Europe and the only ones who had flip-flopped from being Jewish to Catholic and Jewish again—is extremely important.
These same Sephardi Jewish families claimed to trace their ancestry back to the high priest families of the Jewish temples of Jerusalem, Antioch and Alexandria. They escaped the Middle East and re-settled in Spain, France and Portugal creating their own kingdom of Septimania during the Dark Ages. Yet history has forever recorded that in times of survival and expediency, these same powerful and rich Jewish families had also been willing to flip to proclaiming themselves Muslims under the Moors, then Catholic under the Catholic Spanish Kingdom.
These are also the same families – the Sephardi – from whom the powerful Jewish banking and trade families who obtained exclusive patents from the Roman Catholic Church. The Rothschilds for example.
For one thing, the complete absence of Sephardi names from the Nazi Holocaust Lists demonstrates a cruel benchmark that distinguished life or death under the Catholic Dictators – if you belonged to a Jewish bloodline older than 1500 years, you were saved; if not, you went to the sacrifice camps.
It also partially explains another major anomaly of World War II- the surviving Jews – Jewish families, principally in Munich and Berlin that were not targeted by the Catholic Dictators. It seems there is one defining feature of the some tens of thousands of Jewish families in places such as Munich, Berlin, Paris and Rome – they were all Sephardi.
In fact the Holocaust denier David Irving uses the overwhelming proof of surviving Sephardi Jewish families and centres in Germany against the Holocaust itself – claiming their survival is proof that not all Jews were targeted therefore the Holocaust couldn’t have happened.
Why make the Master Holocaust List at all?
If you are trying to exterminate people in the most efficient and secretive possible way, why write a list? Anyone who has watched a CSI type crime show on television knows that leaving at the scene of a crime a list of victims typed by you is tantamount to a signed confession.
Certainly, the existence of the first Nazi Master List of Death- the one used to arrest and round up ethnic Jews can be explained as ruthless efficiency on the part of Fr Himmler S.J.and the SS. The existence of this first list is also without question as it was produced using computer equipment and personnel provided by fledgling company International Business Machines who then used the massive profits and payments to become a global Leviathan.
In every other recorded act of genocide—from Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo to the Albanian massacres at the turn of the century –the object was to dispose of all the evidence as quickly as possible. They didn’t spend huge resources building camps, or elaborate furnace complexes, or detailed meticulous lists –they just dug big holes and filled them with people and quick lime.
Clearly the detailed lists is overwhelming evidence that demonstrates the lie that the “Nazis used extermination camps to save money” – there was nothing time/money saving about what they did.
Clearly the SS were not idiots. So why be so idiotic to detail in the most explicit methods of all – the actual proper names of the victims—in not just one, but multiple copies?
To answer this question, we need to consider the only evidence of the meticulous use of person records and lists for torture and human sacrifice- the Great Inquisitions of the Catholic Church over six hundred years starting from the 13th Century as well as the Necromancy ceremonies of Black Magic.
The name and the deed of damnation
Pope Honorius III, the greatest of all black magicians of the 13th Century in his experimentation and divination with the damned, is the first to write in his Black Magic Grimoire of a modern concept concerning the torture and sacrifice of a person to death with their name being an intimimate part of the ceremony.
While the true name of a thing has always been understood as having great magic power in any ceremony, Pope Honorius was the first to suggest that a person’s name be spoken in chanted curse during their slaughter/burning.
The wicked belief was that this formal ceremony bound the condemned spirit to the priest for eternity as a perpetual slave.
Medieval necromancy is believed to be a synthesis of astral magic derived from Arabic influences and exorcism derived from Christian and Jewish teachings. Arabic influences are evident in rituals that involve moon phases, sun placement, day and time. Fumigation and the act of burying images are also found in both astral magic and necromancy. Christian and Jewish influences are found in the symbols and conjuration formulas used in summoning rituals.
Suddenly the naming of people became a useful product of reforms as a person condemned to be sacrificed could now be named as part of the ceremony. Condemned murderers and thieves were named as they were hung. Heretics were cursed and their name spoken out aloud as they burned and of course, the great Inquisitions used the name of the accused constantly throughout the interrogation process and ultimate penalty.
So if millions of people were going to be sacrificed properly, then their name would be spoken out and cursed as they were killed and a proper record – a list—would be essential.
What has happened to the Missing Nazi Master Holocaust List ?
What has happened to the Nazi Master Holocaust List?—the master lists of hundreds of thousands of carefully documented pages of names of every person that was sacrificed by Catholic Dictators? We know that Jesuit Fr Walsh was in a powerful position for such evidence? Or was the evidence shipped back to the United States somewhere, secretly archived? Or was the evidence deliberately destroyed? If so, by whom and on what orders?
These are just some of the questions that remain concerning the missing lists of millions of names. The last people to have control over the lists were the Vatican and its officials. So do they have the Nazi Master Holocaust List? If so, why doesn’t Pope Benedict XVI admit to the fact that they possess the names and details of every victim of the Holocaust? If not then release the documents, at least provide some indicative number?—such as “six million” as evidence against the lie of holocaust denial.
Unfortunately there is nothing but silence from the Vatican on the fate of the missing Nazi Master Holocaust List. They deny all knowledge of it ever existing – as if the Nuremburg Trials and tens of thousands of boxes of documentary evidence never existed. In spite of the fact that every Holocaust museum is proof that the Nazi Master Holocaust List exists, the Pope and the Vatican deny its existence, or knowing where it is. Why such secrecy over this terrible and evil master document? Why not simply give up the names or prove that it has been destroyed?
Look at Article VI on the Real Holocaust Denial Plan being played out in the public media at this very moment. Next >>

A deeply painful and important subject — exactly how many Jews were murdered by theNazis in WWII –has again exploded into debate since (former Nazi Youth member Joseph Ratzinger) German Pope Benedict XVI signaled the welcoming back to the fold of the Roman Catholic Church previously excommunicated ultra-nationalist Catholic bishops who deny the truth of the Holocaust.
While people have rightly focused on the substantive evil associated with denying the deaths of millions of innocent people during World War II, the deeper unanswered question is why we could possibly be even debating the number of murdered in the first place?
In no other event in history was there more documentary evidence of mass murder than the German sacrifice camps of World War II –not the survivors, not the movie and still images, nor actual camps themselves, but the literally hundreds of thousands of pages of carefully typed evidence of unquestionable murder. I refer to the multiple copies of lists of death which the Nazis kept for each and every single arrival to the death camps.
Yet there exists a concerted and unyielding campaign to re-write the Holocaust of World War II even further – so that within a generation children will be taught that only a few hundred thousand people were murdered by the Nazis in concentration camps out of racist policies to “save money”.
Contrary to the belief that such revisionism would be impossible given the evidence, the cultural evidence already exists that previous deliberate revisions and lies have already changed the perception of the public concerning the Holocaust—that it is only a matter of time and certainty that the Holocaust will be denied again. That within one hundred years, the great sacrifice of over eighteen million innocent Protestants, Orthodox Christians, ethnic Jews and minority groups by burning them alive in ovens less than seventy years ago by Catholic dictators will be removed from history- a fiction.
So who is behind this campaign? Why? and what evidence exists that the Holocaust has already been dramatically denied? Let us first begin with the vital question of what really is Holocaust Denial?
What is Holocaust denial?
The publishing or broadcasting of a statement of denial that several million people were murdered by the Catholic Dictators in World War II is considered a serious crime in many European cities, including Germany.
Given the criminal legal nature of Holocaust denial, the definition of denial is also qualified by most academics as to denying the “orthodoxy” of the Holocaust – that at least six million mainly Jews perished in gas chambers, their bodies cremated; that whole populations of Jews were systematically targeted and wiped out by the Nazis ; that it was done out of hateful racist political motives; that the allies had no knowledge of the Holocaust until liberation; that the Vatican and Jesuits were not involved; that there has been no revision in this history, nor denial of the truth.
While there are many other pieces of history that go to support the “orthodoxy” – the prevailing view of the Holocaust, these major points are generally considered as mandatory for being taught to every child in the world on the Holocaust.
Holocaust Deniers are therefore people who deny one or more of the major tenets of the Holocaust Orthodoxy- whether it be gas chambers, that the ovens were for the disposal of the bodies, the numbers actually murdered and/or some other key belief.
People such as David Irving, are more famous Holocaust Deniers in the public domain at the moment. Their various views differ in emphasis, but are united in the claim that the Holocaust is grossly overstated and that many of the horrors claimed simply did not happen.
Yet an even deeper problem exists in that the founding orthodoxy of what is claimed to be the “truth” and what are “lies” itself is highly questionable. The claim that the Allies did not know what was happening at Auschwitz—a bare faced lie, proven by subsequent historical evidence. The claim that the Roman Catholic Church was not involved is also a terrible evil lie—as proven by declassified Allied intelligence proving the Vatican not only hid Nazi War Criminals, but assisted in their escape from prosecution.
If the truth of the Holocaust is something that cannot be extinguished, then there have already been no less than five major Holocaust Denials placed into the public consciousness – so successfully that no one would even consider them to be otherwise.
Let us then look at the key Denials of the truth of the Vatican Jesuit Holocaust and how they have impacted our appreciation of the enormity and supreme evil nature of this event.
Holocaust Denial # 1- The Allies Did Not Know
We have spoken at length in the first article of this series of the Vatican Jesuit Holocaust that the Allies not only knew of the Human Sacrifice Camps, but actually kept accurate records on likely extermination rates via tracking rail movements.
This is a terrible evil and slur against the memory of the millions who were murdered as it provides no honesty as to why not one single bomb in World War II was ever dropped on a key Nazi Human Sacrifice Camp- an extraordinary and unprecedented anomaly not repeated on any other infrastructure of the Catholic Dictators during World War II.
Holocaust Denial #2-Victims were not burned alive as a sacrifice
Of all the key denials of the Holocaust that have now successfully been inserted into popular culture it is the lie that victims of the Catholic Dictators in World War II were not burned alive – that the ovens were somehow part of an elaborate and expensive system designed to save money and “hide evidence”.
The perversity of this elimination of the involvement of the Vatican is made even more perverse by the insistence of the Vatican on describing the mass murder by fire of over 18 million innocent people–The Holocaust.
The word Holocaust is oldest theologically correct term still used in relation to the official doctrine of satanists in the burning of people alive. The word “Holocaust” is at least as old as the 3rd Century BCE and comes from the ancient Greek word holokauston, meaning “a completely (holos) burnt (kaustos) sacrificial offering”, or “a burnt sacrifice offered to God”.
Therefore, by insisting the word “Holocaust” be used, the Vatican has hidden its complete complicity in such absolute evil and mass murder in the plain sight of the entire planet, with no one questioning its motive for such a word.
One of the first sets of evidence to be destroyed by Allied command were the long metal stretchers used to carry people to the ovens—stretchers with locks on them so that a person chained on the stretcher could not free themselves.
Nor were these ordinary stretchers, but extended so that a living man, woman or child may be inserted into the oven to die a horrible and cruel death, then for the body (still burning) to be removed a short time later to be transported to the pits.
No credible excuse has yet been provided for these anomalies- existing only to restrain a “living person”, not a corpse and to enable the removal of a “corpse” well before it has been in the oven long enough to be significantly reduced to a few major bone fragments and ash.
To remove any suspicion that the ovens were really used to sacrifice people alive and NOT for cremation, the Allies invented the claim that the gas chambers were used to kill people. This is a particularly horrible lie as it is ultimately unsustainable in the light of mechanical and environmental evidence concerning the use of poisonous chemical agents.
Similarly, the massive bone pits containing the unburnt remains of victims from the Crematoriums were removed by Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. when he was handed Poland as part of the deal at Tehran in 1943 between the Allies.
Yet no effort has been spared over seventy years to emphasize that the gas chambers did indeed function as chambers of death using highly poisonous chemical agents such as Zyklon-B, made by a pharmaceutical company famous for anesthesia nerve agents.
Holocaust Denial #3-There were no gas chambers
As awful and sloppy as David Irving is, he was provided some key technical knowledge that to date has yet to be refuted properly—that is it is impossible to feasibly operate a mass death by gassing operation as claimed by earlier Holocaust revisionism. The United States has extensive documentary evidence of the complexity of death by gassing thanks to the gas chambers used by several states up until recent years.
The evidence suggests three things- it requires a massive amount of effort to maintain an air tight small room free of any leaks, secondly the handling of such deadly chemicals on any large scale would have required far more sophisticated systems as evidenced at the camps and thirdly it takes an extraordinarily long time for one person to die from gassing in a small room, let alone a whole number of people in a large space.
So once the canisters used in the blocks went from nerve agents to render people unconscious in a few minutes, to a deadly gas to kill them, the whole technical feasibility of the holocaust is eventually called into question. The Jesuits who provided Irving with this key piece of information know this. So unless, the truth is revealed- the Nazis burned their victims alive in a religious sacrifice- the gas was just to knock them out for easier processing into the ovens – then Irving and the Vatican will win this debate.
“There were no gas chambers” is now firmly a belief propagated by the Roman Catholic Church through its agents and gaining momentum.
Holocaust Denial #4 – That the Jews were the main target of a political/racist hatred campaign”
The Holocaust Denial that focuses the Holocaust on the Nazi approach to the “Jewish Question” is a horrible lie that has become accepted truth, designed mainly to narrow the focus of the Holocaust from a Catholic versus Heretics massacre -which included Orthodox Christians and Protestant Christian victims as well as Jews.
Because the Holocaust has been deliberately branded as almost exclusively a Jewish event of tragedy, it has succeeded in diverting attention away from the millions of others who perished and the real defining barrier between who lived and who died — excluding some Polish Catholics, if you were Roman Catholic you lived, if you were a heretic you died.
There is no question that several million ethnic Jews were sacrificed in the camps — but there were millions of non-Jews as well – a total of eighteen million people murdered.
The Jewish focus of the Holocaust has been extremely important in eliminating the “Catholic question” from the actions of exclusively Catholic dictators including Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. Franco and Pavelic.
It also set the stage for one of the greatest Holocaust Denials and revisions of the past seventy years- that only six million people were sacrificed by the Catholic Dictators.
Holocaust Denial #5- The Holocaust was political, not religious. The Catholic Church was not involved
One of the most extraordinarily successful Holocaust Denials of the past seventy years has been the successful erasure from public memory of the involvement of the Catholic Church in World War II and specifically the Holocaust.
Today, most people would never have heard the claim that the Catholic Church not only orchestrated World War II, but was behind the Holocaust. But the most important denial that has helped wipe the Catholic Church from the memory of the Holocaust is the false claim that the Holocaust was political, not religious.
Common sense and historic fact proves the cheapest way to dispose of people over thousands of years was to simply starve them and then dig a big hole and put the bodies in it. Yet the Nazis went to extraordinary effort and expense to build the sacrifice camps- effort that could and should have been used directly towards the war effort.
You don’t burn people alive for political reasons- you burn them because of evil religious beliefs — because you are satanists, because you have some agenda. We have discussed much of this over the previous articles.
Yet the overwhelming belief by people is that the Holocaust was purely political, not religious and that the Catholic Church was in no way involved.
Holocaust Denial #6- Only Six Million were murdered by the Nazis
The belief that six million people, overwhelmingly Jewish were murdered by the Nazis is the prevailing cultural belief of 99% of the world. It also happens to be a horrendous lie and denial of the truth of the Holocaust.
Firstly, to reduce the logical time that the Nazis had to kill people, the Allied command shortened the time claimed for when the camps were operating from 1940-1945 to just 1943-1945. Straight away, the logical number of people who could have been killed diminished from at least twelve million to just six million.
But to hide more evidence of killing, both the Allies and the Communists of Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. destroyed evidence of sacrifice camps and/or changed them to labour camps.
It is because of the success of this horrendously evil Holocaust denial- the denial of the truth that at least eighteen million innocent people were sacrificed — that the latest Holocaust Denial has been launched- that only 300,000 died.
Holocaust Denial #7- Only Three Hundred Thousand people were murdered by the Nazis
This sixth key Holocaust Denial- that the Nazis killed less than three hundred thousand people is the latest and most audacious denial yet.
And it is extraordinary that this denial is being played out by none other than the Roman Catholic Church — the Vatican at this very moment.
This denial, the one designed to wholly revise the Holocaust again is based on bringing together all the other denials into one — simply that “there were no gas chambers and common sense tells us the Nazis could not possibly have killed so many people in such bizarre ways”.
One of the strongest pieces of evidence that permits such a lie to unfold is the false claim that the ovens were designed to “dispose of the bodies”. In major crematoriums around the world, an awful truth that is known is that a substantial amount of bone matter remains even after being subjected to several hours of extreme heat.
So quite simply, by falsely claiming the ovens were principally designed to dispose of the bodies defies logic and common sense as the time to “destroy” the evidence for even one body would render the number of people murdered impossible and secondly, there would have existed a massive amount of forensic evidence in bone fragments from all the victims.
In fact the evidence that bodies were removed minutes after being murdered from the ovens and dumped into smouldering pits does exist at every camp. However, for some unexplained reason this crucial fact has been denied by the Allies since they captured the camps at the end of World War II. To deliberately hide the existence of these pits, some Nazi collaborators even came up with the story that these pits were Nazi attempts at “open mass cremation” – yet another absurd lie.
As wholly evil as this denial is, it has the strength of the other denials in place. And in spite of the debate, the denial is gaining ground in the mind of the public — maybe the Holocaust is overblown?
Do not forget the biggest lie- the Holocaust gas chambers and crematorium were to efficiently kill Jews and others
It is easy to become overwhelmed by the millions of words written about the Holocaust, even the few thousand written within these articles. So it is important to re-emphasize the most potent evidence of all concerning the deliberate lies concocted by the Allies to hide the bloody hand of the Vatican in not just supporting the Holocaust- but designing it and ordering it to be done: The claim that the Holocaust was a Nazi plan for “efficient genocide” is the most absurd, illogical and clearly contradictory lies ever to be sold to the public.
It would have taken Nazi engineers just days to dig massive trenches and force people into them, either to be buried alive or shot. Millions could have been efficiently dispatched in weeks, not years and through quick lime- much of the evidence destroyed.
Instead, our governments would have us believe that the extreme expense of building camps, rail roads, gas chambers, guards, crematoria and other infrastructure was all about “efficiency”.
Yet the incredible thing about this Great Big Lie- that defies and contradicts all previous known examples of efficient mass murder – is that it is continued to be taught to each new generation and believed by hundreds of millions.
Why? Because the second a man or woman with an ounce of intelligence comprehends that the Holocaust, the gas chambers and ovens could not have all been constructed for “efficient mass murder” it begs the question – why go to such extreme expense?
Proof of real motive- Connect all the pieces and why?
There is no doubt that the five previous articles (IIIIIIIV and V) contain dramatic and shocking allegations and assumptions concerning the complete complicity of the Vatican and the Jesuits in the single largest mass murder in history. But what ultimate proof and real motive has been shown?
In fact, real proof of a deeper, more unifying connection to the Nazi Human Sacrifice Camps, the major cities on the ley lines of evil does exist–in the form of the real history of the cities that represent the “nodes” of evil of the Great Pentagram of Evil. To see more, then read Article VII-Is the Pentagram of Evil True?    Next >>

The Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil will defy belief for many readers –even those who readily accept the Vatican as the HQ of evil for 1,000 years. It seems outrageous that such a massive symbol of evil could ever have been created, much less using the human sacrifice camps of World War II to define its “points”. So what proof (if any) can be added to demonstrate these claims are not a hoax?
Yes, most readers that have viewed the diagrams of the Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil will accept that a genuine pentagram shape can be created from the actual historic location of key Nazi SS human sacrifice camps (concentration camps) during World War II. But who is to say this is nothing more than an unfortunate coincidence?
Geometric shapes can be drawn between any set of locations –especially pentagrams. Taken to extremes, one could argue that pentagrams could be drawn between thousands of cities and towns around the world – none of which have ever had any association with the Vatican, black magic or mass murder.
Yes, most readers that have viewed the diagrams of the 300 mile wide Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil will accept that a Temple to Sibyl (Cybele) is located at the centre of the Pentagram and that cities with an important past to the Vatican (including Rome itself) can be connected by the “ley” lines emanating from it. But then again the Roman Catholic Church has dominated western history for over 1,000 years, so there are few cities that do not have a connection to the Vatican in some way.
In contrast, there are also cities such as BelgorodNovgorod, St PetersburgTehran and Odessasupposedly connected to these “ley” lines—cities that appear “on the surface” to have absolutely nothing in common with the Vatican. In fact one of the “Ley” lines intersects down to a seeming “no-mans land” in the Nile Delta where no obvious city is recorded.
It is why many readers after considering these articles will probably rightfully feel that the claim of the Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil is at best the creation of an imaginative mind, but at worst a terrible slur against the Roman Catholic Church with absolutely no basis of fact.
What then is the common thread between all these seeming random cities connected to the “ley” lines produced by the Catholic Nazi human sacrifice camps of World War II? If a common thread could be proven, then maybe, just maybe the Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil is not a hoax after all.
The hidden history of ancient cities
Virtually all readers have heard of the Vatican in Rome, but some may never have heard that the Vatican was also the official site of the most important shrine to Cybele-the Magna Mater also variously known throughout the ancient world as Sibyl, Athena, Dionysus, Ishtar, Nanna, Astarte.
Similarly, any readers may have heard of the city of Novgorod and Belgorod, but never heard of the history that these cities were at one time the capital of a dynasty known as the Rus—descendents of the Sarmatian Sepharic Jewish Priest Kings also known as the “Khazars”.
This is a major part of the challenge—some of the cities we look at claiming to be key “nodes” on the ley lines of the Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil have a whole alternate past most of us know nothing about. The importance in uncovering this past is critical, for it reveals nothing less than the common thread that unites not only every major city as a node on the ley lines of the Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil, but explains a deeper motive and operation of the human sacrifice camps of the Catholic dictators of World War II.
But before we delve into understanding some of the crucial hidden history and real names of cities of the Great Pentagram of Evil, we need to understand once and for all the true origin and meaning of the word “Jew”.
The 16th Century word Jew
Just as the pamphlet “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” first published in 1903 in Russia is a horrible fraud and hoax, so too is the very word “Jew” itself.
The original inhabitants of the southern Kingdom we now know as the “Kingdom of Judah” were known as the Yahudi of Yahudah, not Judah.  Nor were the people of the northern kingdom known as “Israelites” but Sarmatians of Sarmara.
These groups were poles apart in their outlook on life, theology and ritual. The only thing they shared in common was history. Today we know these people of the north and the Sarmatians as one of the branches of Sephardic Jews who magically seemed to survive the Holocaust in large numbers in places like Munich, Berlin, Hannover, Zurich and even Odessa, while ethnic Jews and descendents of the Yahudi were killed in large numbers.
Prior to the 16th Century there simply was no “universal word” that combined these two separate groups, with separate religions –because to force these two separate kingdoms and groups of priest kings into one term would have represented an absurdity—a fiction bearing no truth to the past.
The 16th Century term “Jew” is variously claimed said to come from Old French giu, which is supposed to come from an earlier version juieu and then from latin iudeus and Greek Ioudaios. However this is cleverly and deliberately misleading. Ioudaios  is the Greek equivalent of the term Yahudah not Jew.
It is impossible to get the word “Jew” from Ioudaios as it is from Yahudah.  So where did the word come actually from and what does it really mean?
Simply, the word “Jew” is directly derived from goy and gyu, two ancient Hebrew words used for derision to variously mean “cattle” and a “dead lifeless, souless corpse”.
So how is it possible that a Hebrew word for derision is used and accepted as the label by so many non-Sephardic people of the original faith of the Yahudi and those descendents of the Sarmatians, the Sephardi?
Revenge of the “Good Sarmatians”
Please have a look again at the power centres of the Great Pentagram of Evil again. These are not simply random locations along and at the end of the “Ley” lines of evil–they all share a terrible secret.
Click to open larger map
As we mentioned in the earlier articles, the human sacrifice camps such as Treblinka resembled the ancient Temple complex of Ur, the sacrifice camp of Sobibor represented Bablyon, the sacrifice camp of Janowska a striking resemblance to Jerusalem and Auschwitz-Birkenau a frightening resemblance to Baalbek.
Yet even the key cities along the Ley lines also share a common past and thread. Suez (Zeus backwards) is the ancient site of ZionOdessa is the site of the first city of the Sarmatian exiles (they called Samara) who are known today as the Khazars.
Similarly, we see the cities of Belgorod first being called by these “Jewish” Sephardic Sarmatian Priest Kings as Bet She’an and Novgorod as Ninevah.
We see the two most important cities of religious counter reformation by the Jesuits on the grid- Munich for the war against protestants and Tehran (Ter’gan) for Islam.
The cities on the grid of the Great Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil are no accident. They are without question the most important cities of Sarmatian “Sadducee” history away from their homeland.
So when we look at the Great Pentagram of Evil and the ley lines, we are viewing into the minds of the most evil occult event in human history. Just one degree in shift of the Pentagram and everything that has been written would be a hoax.
The Last Witness
Big lies are often hard to believe. It takes time, it can make you feel sick. If you are a christian, certainly if you are a good Catholic then the previous seven articles may have made you feel physically sick and repulsed by the claims which they contain.
I must apologize for this. As a result, there can be no doubt that many readers will continue to demand hard evidence–personal testimonies of people actually at the Nazi human sacrifice camps— to back up these assertions. Surely there must be one last witness?
In fact there was, and many hundreds of boys from privileged Catholic families got to meet him, speak with him and hear his stories between the late 1940’s to the 1980’s at an exclusive Jesuit School. I was one of those boys and you can read the true story by clicking Article VIII-The Last Witness.

For all that is claimed concerning the Nazi Holocaust actually being a highly organized satanic human sacrifice perpetrated by the highest officials of the Vatican and Jesuitsduring WWII, there must have been hard evidence –direct witnesses and testimony—that can confirm or repudiate these claims? In fact there is, and it is this following true story experienced firsthand by the author of these articles:
Xavier College, Kew-Melbourne, Australia
Some schools have a bird, or an animal as a mascot. But the Jesuit Xavier College in Melbourne Australia from the late 1940’s to 1980’s had a peculiar and unique one—an Auschwitz survivor named Ernest Shatner/Shackner or “Shacky” to the boys — a memorable fixture of school life at Xavier as much as sport, academia and religion for forty years.
Of all the schools in the world, it was Xavier College in far off Melbourne that happened to be the safe home for the Vienna Boys Choir during WWII- the sons of Austrian Nazi Catholic elite. The school has always had a strong German connection—even Burke Hall, the junior school I attended was the former German Embassy complete with its own catacombs.
After World War II, a significant number of Nazi sacrifice camp survivors were re-settled in Melbourne Australia. Except perhaps a few boroughs of New York and Israel itself, the population of former Jewish prisoners of war in Melbourne was unique. So seeing an Auschwitz survivor like “Shacky” was not especially unique for a kid going to school from an upper middle class Catholic family in Kew, Melbourne during the 1970’s and 1980’s.
What made Ernest Shatner/Shackner unique was who “adopted” him, where he worked/sometimes lived and his experience at Auschwitz. Ernst had no parents, he was an orphan. But he had one of the most brilliant minds, able to speak Latin and Greek and several European languages fluently. Also that “Shacky” worked in the Crematoria at Auschwitz for a long time—the actual ovens themselves. Finally, that “Shacky” was somehow “saved” by the Jesuits and brought to Australia as their adoptive family.
These facts weren’t simply told to us by Ernest Shackner himself, they were professed by the Jesuit priests of Xavier College as “matter of fact” and unquestionably authentic. These facts, supported by the Jesuits themselves weren’t simply told to one small group of boys at Xavier, they were taught to every class for decades.
Every single class when I was at school was required to receive the lecture from “Shacky” about Auschwitz, culminating in students prodding and viewing his still clear tattoo. But the greatest horror was when he would speak about the ovens and the bodies. He did not elaborate about burning people alive, I would be lying if I said so. But there is no doubting the deadly seriousness of this man when he spoke first hand of what he had seen and somehow miraculously survived when everyone else was killed.
How many actually lived to tell about the ovens?
It is a matter of record that the life expectancy of a Jewish prisoner working in the Crematoria of camps such as Auschwitz was weeks, if not days. It has been proven through court testimony and accounts that the prisoners working in the Crematoria were kept in separate lodging, well away from the rest of the population and were relatively better fed than the majority at the camps. It is also a gruesome fact that these workers were deliberately executed on a regular basis for “whatever reason”—with new prisoner recruits eager to join any new vacancies on account of the better “living” conditions.
It means very few individuals lived to tell the tale of working in the Crematoria from the perspective of a Jewish prisoner of war. Some who have claimed to work in the Crematoria turned out to be untrue testimonies for whatever motive. Very few testimonies exist from less than a handful of genuine workers in the Crematoria who worked there only in the final moments before they ceased and the camps were “liberated”.
Sadly, the fate of so many of those who worked in the ovens met the same end as those they fed to Moloch– as kindling to the demonic satanic gods of the Roman Cult of the Vatican and the Jesuits.
There exists no public record of any person who worked the ovens for more than a few months, nor of the fact that only a “proportion” of those who were fed into the ovens were still alive—an incredible admission on its own, that is increasingly removed from history books for some reason.
It makes the existence of Ernest Shackner and the relationships of the favoured Jesuits at Xavier College even more intriguing.
The Last Witness
When I attended Xavier College in the late 1970’s and earlier 1980’s, “Shacky” remained an institution, but a shadow of his former intellect and self. He had greatly aged and walked with a slight stoop, but purposeful shuffle.
Sometimes the kids made fun of this “crazy old man” with Jesuits priests as his family. I am sad to say that I laughed as a boy when some of the kids would play pranks on Shacky, making jokes about the Nazis while the Jesuits gave half hearted reprimands.
Once, some of the boys in my same year threw Shacky’s bike into the school pool as a joke—Shacky was distraught and the Jesuits bought him a new bike, but did not expel the boys.
Whenever a Jesuit priest would come into view, Shacky would cease speaking and scurry away like a robber’s dog. It didn’t matter that he was usually more than twice their age, he cowered in their presence and sometimes you could see the young Jesuits lapping up such subservience.
During my years, Shacky had become the junior school librarian, mildly feared for his intellectual outbursts. But before my time, Shacky was famous at the school for his brilliance at language and history-and he actually taught Latin for a time—something usually reserved only for one of the Jesuit priests or senior teacher.
The last time I saw Shacky was on the school steps of the Year 9/10 wing in the early 1980’s. I had come up to Xavier to see one of the senior Jesuit priests and tell him I too was planning to become a priest, like so many in my family. I relayed this enthusiasm to old Shacky fully expecting him to mutter something positive about his Jesuit “parents”. Instead, he grabbed my arm and stared fiercely into my face and implored that such a boy should not join the Jesuits because “they are evil. They are Satan.”, he kept insisting and repeating to me over and over, until I broke from his claw-like grip and got away.
The family
Until a few years ago, I always considered the outburst by Shacky to me nothing more than the mind of a man who had seen too much evil finally breaking down. There was nothing in my life that I had ever encountered to think a second that anything he has uttered had credibility.
I had been born into ancient family of well known Irish Catholic priests, bishops and nuns. Our family had direct Jesuit connections since the foundation of the Order in the 16th Century, with one of the first “blessed” Jesuit martyrs- Dominic. My great uncle Jim had been a papal assistant to Pope John XXIII during the second Vatican Council and a powerful bishop. And my uncle Gerald is regarded as one of the most senior and respected Jesuits in the world today.
So nothing I had ever witnessed could ever validate anything said by an Auschwitz victim, or some anti-Catholic “propaganda” when such claims were by default a direct attack on the good name of my family. I felt strong in my Catholic faith towards the honor and legitimacy of the Vatican and said as much when I pledged I wished to also become a priest—whether it be a Jesuit or some other order.
My drive towards such a calling was a belief in the same universal values that drive all good Christians to try and make a positive difference in their communities. I read the Bible cover to cover. I could relate to the intrinsic virtues and values as spoken by Jesus Christ and relayed by his Apostles, especially St Peter- the rock. In fact, I insisted on the unusual step during my Confirmation of 1st Communion of being named “Peter”.
Lacking both the moral courage and academic strength to accomplish the vision of what I believed a Catholic priest to be, I left the Capuchin Seminary after less than one year and never returned. There was no anger towards the Catholic faith, or any clergy—no displaced blame as if I need to blame someone else for my lack of courage. Instead, I slid away into the routine of work, money and lifestyle.
There is not enough time or space in this article on how I came to go from that state of mind to writing these articles, except to say that I had genuinely largely forgotten about “Shacky” until the Nazi Holocaust Pentagram came to me in a clear dream a few months ago.
I have had many dreams in my life (See: The 7 Dreams) and some may consider such an imagine as proof itself of a person riddled with religious delusions. Such personal accusation may be well founded and it is why I have laid bare those things that both guided me firstly to believe I had a calling to the Catholic Church and then a calling to help save the church from itself.
But the more I came to reflect on what I had discovered concerning the operation of the Nazi “Holy Inquisition” human sacrifice camps, the more I came to realize I had probably spent four years seeing and speaking to the Last Witness of the true horror of Vatican Jesuit Holocaust along with thousands of other boys at Xavier and never fully realized it until now.
Maybe “Shacky” was kind of like a trophy–the sort of memento that serial killers like to keep as a constant reminder of the “brilliance” of their unpunished crimes? Maybe, the natural genuis of Shacky was the reason that saved him from the ovens and brought him into the care of his family–the Jesuits? Maybe, the last witness–possibly the longest and only survivor to see the full religious horror of the ceremony at the ovens during the Vatican Jesuit Holocaust–was none other than Ernest Shackner?
And so the final proof I can offer you that the Vatican is evil, that the Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil is true is from the words of Ernest “Shacky” Shackner: “They (Vatican/Jesuits) are evil. They are Satan.”http://one evil.org/acts_holocaust/acts_vatican_holocaust_part_8.htm


11 thoughts on “Historical Truths Revealed – The Holocaust

    • what do you base your opinion on? because if you have an opinion that is based on your research, I am all ears (notice that I have not insulted you in any way). have a nice day.

  1. This article is written by Frank O’Collins somewhere between 2007-2009. Frank O’Collins has many websites (see: http://www.ucadia.com/frank/frank.htm) and he has started a new sort of religion, and is the inventor of a new calendar system.

    “Ernest “Shacky” Shackner/Shatner” who worked for many years at Xavier College, Kew, Melbourne, Australia, and who was apparently well known by staff and students from the college, There is no single reference to this man, other then from Frank O’Collins’s websites. It is like he has never existed. Surely the first step before one can give credit to an article..are references…AT LEAST proof of the very existence of this man, or other students from Xavier that could confirm this.

    If you type the name Ernest Shatner into google’s search…the first hit will be a movie “The Devils Rain 1975” starring Ernest Borgnine William Shatner. William Shatner starred in another movie about the Nuremberg trails.

    No references to a person actually carrying this or other name variants, living in Australia.

    To the owner Kevin Blundell: I don’t excluded that the initial desire to expose the truth was in your mind when you started this website. But you will have to be open, include clear sources in your articles…if the TRUTH is what you want to disclose then please make it as sincere as possible….there is already so much blabla on the web.



    • Dear Kevin,

      Thank you for your email alerting me to a recent post on your blog in response to Part 8 of an 8 part series authored by myself entitled “The Vatican Holocaust”. Please feel free to post my reply as a separate and legitimate response on your blog.

      In Part 8 of the series ([ http://one-evil.org/content/acts_vatican_holocaust_part_8.html ]http://one-evil.org/content/acts_vatican_holocaust_part_8.html ) I mention the character of “Shacky” that virtually every one of the tens of thousands of boys who attended Xavier College in Kew, Melbourne would have either met, known or heard about from the late 1940’s to the early 1980’s. As, I attended Xavier College during the late 1970’s, leaving in 1982, like many of these thousands of boys, I also met face to face with “Shacky”.

      The respondent who raised this topic on your blog clearly implies he himself did not attend Xavier College, nor does it appear he knows first hand anyone who did.  Instead, he zeroes in on an extraordinary fallacy by implying that if ones name does not appear on the Internet more than once, then such a reference may be at best an unsubstantiated fiction or at worst a fraud.  The respondent then goes on to gently berate you for not verifying every alleged fact and claim of posts you make, such as checking if “Shacky” really existed. To reinforce his/her superficial argument, the respondent then picks out a movie in 1975, combining the first name of one actor and the surname of another actor to strongly imply the figure of “Shacky” to be a fraud.

      Firstly, if someone else who attended Xavier College has the time and inclination to repudiate such a ridiculous attempt at discrediting a first hand account, then one day they might come on and also give their own first hand account, or not. Regardless, the single reference or non reference to someone on the Internet does not mean they did not exist.  What an absurd conclusion! Furthermore, I make reference to “Shacky” by the name he was commonly known and whether or not his first name and surname were spelt exactly as written on any immigration papers, I honestly cannot confirm. This is why I gave two alternate spellings for his surname to make clear the uncertainty of his formal name, but the certainty of his fame as “Shacky”.

      Secondly, on the name game of making up of people by using parts of the real names of actors, what an utterly infantile and stupid argument. Lets take Peter (from Peter Sellers) and Pickens (from Slim Pickens) in Dr Strangelove and create Peter Pickens?  How much spare time do you have to waste and if you give us your real name, then I am sure we can find a movie to use your argument and prove you do not exist in reality.

      Finally, if people want to throw lemons at me, that is fine. It goes with the territory with this kind of research. I realize that it upsets people and if the research upset the Respondent, then I am sorry. I also forgive the Respondent for imputing that my first hand account of meeting Shacky was untrue. Normally, I would not bother with such a reply, except for three important facts. (1) Shacky did exist; (2) Shacky reminded me and all those boys from Xavier College in first hand accounts that many millions of people were horribly murdered in World War II and for that reason, I will stand and defend their right to be remembered and (3) the true reasons why they were religiously sacrificed is heard every single time.  

      Cheers.  Frank O’Collins

    • yes, case closed. I think that you can put any doubts to rest considering Frank’s response. It is always good to question everything, so good on you for doing so, and my thanks to Frank for his prompt reply.

  2. “Strictly speaking it is INCORRECT to call an Ancient [Biblical] Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary [modern] Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew’.” (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3).

    “The holocaust is a succesful historical FICTION.” ~ Chief-Rabbi Arye Friedman [a Jew] from Vienna, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Dec. 12, 2006, p.7

    FICTION = 3. something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story !!!

    “The Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological weapon. Through its deployment, one of the world’s most formidable military powers [FAKE Israel], with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a ‘victim’ state, and the most successful ethnic group [Jews’ Race] in the United States has likewise acquired victim status. Considerable benefits accrue to this specious [appearing to be true but actually false] victimhood – in particular, immunity to criticism, however justified.” ~ Norman G. Finkelstein [a Jew] of the City University of New York ~ The Holocaust Industry (2000) published by Verso, p. 3

    The fact that there are “Holocaust Denial Laws” in Russia and 16 European countries, should automatically tell you two things:

    1. The JEWS have something to hide, and

    2. The JEWS have the power to write and enforce laws all over the world and here is how they do that after infiltrating your government !!!

    “Use the courts, use the judges, use the Constitution of the country, use its MEDICAL SOCIETIES and its laws to further our ends. Do not stint in your labor in this direction. And when you have succeeded you will discover that you can now effect your own legislation at will and you can, by careful organization, BY THE CONSTANT CAMPAIGNS ABOUT THE TERRORS OF SOCIETY [false-flags], by pretense as to your effectiveness, make the capitalist himself, by his own appropriation, finance a large portion of THE QUIET COMMUNIST CONQUEST OF HIS NATION.” (Address of the Jew Laventria Beria, The Communist Textbook on Psychopolitics, page 8).

  3. I think Frank explained about the good Jews and the bad Jews etc. Good Jews were the ones killed ( yahudi). Bad Jews were the ones left alone and alive (sarmations) and I would hazard a guess that the anti-holocaust quotes from Jews that guitar man mentioned are from sarmations.

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