LInks to Research: Illuminati, Rothchild’s, Cabal Rulers, Wilcock, Fulford, Icke, Fed.Reserve Liens, Banker Resignations

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Most people in the world are not aware of much of the information below. While many understand that governments lie and manipulate, and that election promises are constantly broken, many are not aware that there exists a secret government that dictates and controls all major events in our world; it has been doing so for hundreds of years in order to maintain its wealth, power and therefore rule over the planet.

This secret government controls who will be elected, it controls all mainstream media outlets, it controls world economies, it controls wars, invasions, terrorism, our food, our water, our medicines and it controls our levels of “fear.” It does so all behind the scenes, out of our line of sight and therefore out of our awareness. It has been argued that this secret government, or cabal, instigated the Russian, French and American revolutions, WWI, WWII, 9/11 and the list goes on.

US government trying to enact a bill to control the internet: link

Ben Fulford speaking about what needs to be done for a better future: link

David Icke On The Global Awakening

The illuminati defined: (a great 2 hour video) (whitney houston sacrificed)

Rothschild’s (controllers of our world) Documentary Part 1-7:

The Cabal rulers:

David Wilcock’s site – he defines the cabal and the state of the world – see “Financial Tyranny” and “Liens against 12 Federal Reserve banks”: link

David Wilcock speaking about a death threat that he got due to his speaking out about financial tyranny: link

Pending Lawsuits that have been filed against corrupt high profile people recently:
Neil F. Keenan, Individually and as Agent for The
Dragon Family, citizens of foreign states,
Plaintiff v. See Attached Schedule A, Defendant

Resignations that have taken place over the past few years:…………

Some of the good guys who are fighting the ruling evil cabal: (interview with white dragon’s)……

Drake, a good guy insider, speaks out about the arrests of the bad guys that is going to take place very soon in the US (May 2012?) to end corruption in government and many other areas.

One thought on “LInks to Research: Illuminati, Rothchild’s, Cabal Rulers, Wilcock, Fulford, Icke, Fed.Reserve Liens, Banker Resignations

  1. The Banking Cabals are the True Evil…As most who are awake know that their influence is like a malignant cancer and is in the very foundation of government and it has its strangle hold on the US Government and the Administration of Obummer himself, he is in fact a puppet at their beck and call. as is Hillary “The Lucifarien Witch”. With this Election on November 8th will either be a possible chance to pull back from the Brink with Trump or there will blood in the Street if the Reptilian HRC gets the POTUS bought for her.
    With US Foreign Policy, the EU, NATO, and The Vatican sanctioning the Saber Rattling on Russia’s southern border , and Putin doing his best to remain determined not to fall for the ruse to force him to strike first the PTB are chomping at the bit to start WW III. Putin kicked the Rothschild Banking Cabal out of Russia last year and the Fractional Reserve Banking System with it. So now the PTB are going to make him pay for it by trying to get him to throw the first punch ,so far he hasn’t fallen for it THAN K GOD ABOVE!
    They know the US Green back is for all intent and purpose worthless, as it is backed by nothing except good wishes from the Bogus Federal Reserve.So what better way to bolster the worthless piece of paper by starting a major war, So the whole ugly process starts all over again , but this time the NWO will come out on top as was the plan all along Thanks to people like Albert Pike a 33 rd degree Freemason. As David Icke has so professed they are creating the PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION but thankfully the World is waking up and the Uber Elite Oligarch may not be able to pull it off. Cross you fingers, if not Hell’s Coming for Breakfast….

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