I am partnering with MAGGRAV CANADA.  They are now seeking distributors and affiliates and are selling earth and species friendly products.  The first of their products is from the Keshe Foundation – a CO2 Capture kit.  The kit captures CO2 from the air and converts it into a usable plasma that is full of energy, has healing properties and can be used in agriculture.  It is an amazing product. To learn about the CO2 kit and other earth and species friendly products, please click HERE.


  1. I am very interested in obtaining Keshe’s new technology. I am interested in distributing this products too, however’ would need to get more information on how I would do this.

    Thank you,

    Melinda Marshall

  2. hallo, i am very interested in purchasing this promising product and informing other potential buyers.
    where can i get it from abroad?

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