Keshe Foundation Releases Blue Prints for Free Energy Home Power System

images is now selling this free energy system to people all around the world, and it is for real, no joke.  Today The Keshe Foundation released the blue prints to the home/car magrav power system, so you can make your own, if you are interested.

Here is the link to the blue prints:

Here is where you can purchase a unit for your home:


Phillippine Conference on the Release of the new Maggrav Power Free Energy Unit!

Following the Italian conference wherein Keshe Foundation released and gave away instructions to build their new free energy power unit, and gave away several units to visiting dignitaries from all over the world, a conference was held in the Philippine’s about the tech.  It is very informative and a must watch for those learning about this for the first time!


Keshe Foundation Releases New Plasma Power Units: Gives them to Ambassadors of the World!

Keshe Foundation held a conference for invited Ambassadors of the world on Oct.16.2015 in Italy.  Attendees included ambassadors from U.S., China, Palestine, Sweden, Beleruse, Russia, and the list goes on and on.  During the conference Keshe gave each ambassador a home power unit and a usb key containing the blueprints of how to make the unit.

This light weight power system hooks to the grid via your home breaker panel, it is an easy setup, no noise, no moving parts.  All non-resistive power is supplied to your home with this one small unit!  A second generation of the unit will provide all your energy needs and will be released in a few months time.

To purchase the unit, go to