Oliver Stone: Obama’s “Lack of Spine” is Stunning

Leftist filmmaker slams Obama as “weak man”

Paul Joseph Watson

Leftist filmmaker Oliver Stone slammed President Barack Obama during an event this past weekend, accusing Obama of selling out as soon as he got in office while exhibiting a stunning “lack of spine.”

Image: Oliver Stone

During a panel discussion entitled ‘Imperial Overreach and the National Security State” which took place at the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C., Stone accused Obama of breaking all of his pre-election promises. Continue reading

Pope to World Economic Forum Elite: “Humanity Must Be Served By Wealth, Not Ruled By It’

Pope Francis.(AFP Photo / Vincenzo Pinto)

Pope Francis.(AFP Photo / Vincenzo Pinto)

From RT.com – January 21, 2014


Pope Francis has urged global finance leaders assembled at the Davos World Economic Forum to use their vast wealth for the service for humanity, instead of leaving large portions of the world population mired in poverty and unstable living conditions.

“I ask you to ensure that humanity is served by wealth and not ruled by it,” the pontiff addressed a crowd of 2,500 people in Switzerland on Tuesday. His message was read out by Cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice. Pope Francis asked bankers and business leaders to stimulate inclusive prosperity.

“The growth of equality demands something more than economic growth, even though it presupposes it. It demands first of all ‘a transcendent vision of the person,” Pope Francis said in the message. Continue reading

Vatican’s “Smuggling” Monsignor Re-Arrested for Money Laundering MIllions

Charged... Monsignor Nunzio Scarano's Vatican bank accounts had been used to transfer millions of euros in fictitious donations from offshore companies, police said.  Source: AP

Charged… Monsignor Nunzio Scarano’s Vatican bank accounts had been used to transfer millions of euros in fictitious donations from offshore companies, police said. Source: AP

From AP – January 22, 2014


A Vatican monsignor already on trial for allegedly plotting to smuggle 20 million euros (US$26 million) from Switzerland to Italy has been arrested in a separate case for allegedly using his Vatican bank accounts to launder money.

Financial police in the southern Italian city of Salerno said Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, dubbed “Monsignor 500″ for his purported favored banknotes, had transferred millions of euros in fictitious donations from offshore companies through his accounts at the Vatican’s Institute for Religious Works.

Police said they seized 6.5 million euros in real estate and bank accounts on Tuesday, including Msgr Scarano’s luxurious Salerno apartment, filled with gilt-framed oil paintings, ceramic vases and other fancy antiques. Continue reading

The Queen in Depleted Uranium Trade

For the past few years I have watched as more and more corruption on our planet has been weeded out.  Banks are being investigated, governments are under fire, the NSA Snowden leaks, etc.  All is going well in terms of cleaning planetary house.  Even the new pope is making radical changes and lets not forget that Ratzinger, the last pope, quit his job, which is extraordinary to say the least!

However, through all of this good change the royals of Britain have managed to keep afloat and keep themselves out of the limelight.   The proof is out there if you want to look for it that clearly indicates that Britains royals are at the heart of much corruption.  I have been waiting and waiting to see when something would finally force their corrupt hand.  Maybe, finally, this is it?  ~Slider1313

By Kevin Lancasterify, YouTube – Published August 5, 2013

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is one of the richest women on earth and much of her profits are from the arms trade, including the notorious depleted uranium trade.

The British monarch has managed to increase her wealth from £300 million early in her 60-year reign to £17 billion at present thanks to investments in arms firms that produce uranium used in depleted uranium (DU) shells, including Rio Tinto Zinc.

DU shells are notorious for their ability to pierce armor and kill targets due to their deadly radioactive features.

The video cites the American nuclear radiation expert Jay M. Gould as saying in his 1996 book titled “The Enemy Within: the High Cost of Living Near Nuclear Reactors” that the British royal family, especially the Queen herself, privately own investments in uranium holding worth some £4 billion through Rio Tinto Zinc.

The mining company, originally named Rio Tinto Mines, was allegedly created for the British Royal family in the late 1950′s by Ronald Walter Rowland, the Queen’s “buccaneer”.

The video argues that the Queen and other royals have been investing in the death trade of depleted uranium globally with little ethical concerns for the consequences of their profiteering.
DU weapons were first used by the US military during the first Persian Gulf War against Iraq in 1991.

The US Defense Ministry estimated that between 315 and 350 tons of DU bombs, shells and bullets were fired during the conflict

There are allegations that American and British troops used more than five times as many such weapons as the total number used in the 1991 war in Iraq.

The US has confirmed the use of depleted uranium in both wars but refuses to disclose the scale of the use.

Iraq has seen a sharp rise in the number of children with leukemia and genetic malformation in the decades after the First Persian Gulf War that are attributed to the use of DU weapons.